My First Journal by Neveo (Review)

This is another product review, this time one I've been gifted by Neveo and I absolutely love it. I love looking back at memories so I ended up making one somewhat for myself, along with my boyfriend, to celebrate our first anniversary. This one was made printed the month after our anniversary, hence why it says May, but I only included pictures to our official anniversary and it worked out perfect! 

Neveo is described by the company as: "a mobile app that helps create a monthly paper journal gathering your family’s pictures for your parents or grandparents who might have a harder time handling social networks or smartphone, or simply live far. [It] is very easy to use: create an account, add other family members if you wish, post pictures and add captions. On the last day of every month, we handle all the rest: layout, printing, and postal delivery at your parents’ or grandparents’!"

So first of all, I absolutely love the product. I think the journal is really high quality and I love the idea behind it. It would work really well for grandparents, especially as the pictures and writing are both big in size and therefore easy to read. I also like that it can be really personalised. You can choose which pictures and the captions. You can also choose the order. My favourite feature is also that you can have multiple people collaborate on the journal and add their own pictures to the journal too. If I was to do it again, I think it would be really great to make for my dad and have all four of his daughter (including myself) contribute and therefore he can have updates from all us and the grandchildren each month which I think is perfect!
However, that is somewhat where the positives stop. I found it a really difficult process to create. You can't delete photos very easily so I felt it was easier to delete the entire album but didn't realise this had to be done through the company so I had to email which was time consuming and ended up delaying things unfortunately. Also, I found the app really difficult to use. It was bulky, hard to use and slow. The features I wanted didn't really exist and at no point was a directed to write a caption. I ended up switching to the computer and using their website which again had problems. They must use a lot of pop-ups because my Ad Blocker software did not let it open at all. I ended up having to do it on incognito mode, which was somewhat successful, however the only way I could do it was to upload each picture individually. If I didn't, I couldn't add captions and it would also upload them in a very random order and I wanted it in a timeline. 

Another thing I didn't love is that regardless of whether it was ready or not, it was closed and printed on the last day of the month. But that also applied conversely, in that if you finish early and want to print, you can't. So if you were wanting to do this, if you were making it, they would receive it roughly two weeks into the month after creation. 
I do think it is a really great concept and it could be amazing, but their software needs some work if it's to be suitable and easily accessible for all. As a side note though, there customer is amazing. They respond quickly and promptly. I logged in via Facebook but somehow ended up having a different email address linked to it, so it took a while but they found my account. Whilst the response isn't always what is wanted, it's a fault of the system rather than the representatives. Also, it is really cheap and they do have a limited number of 99p versions each month too!
Overall, great idea but needs some development to make it more accessible.