Day in the Life: Country Style

To make the most of the sun, I went on a lovely countryside walk and had a...blast? Watch and read to find out more!
Click here to watch the vlog or see below.
I didn't particularly plan for this to be another day in the life but it sure turned out to be eventful and despite it all, I had a really lovely day! I ended up finishing my research proposal but because it was so far in advance of the deadline, we literally couldn't submit it yet, so I decided to take a few days off working completely and enjoy the sun whilst it was still lovely heatwave weather.
Once back from Marks and Spencers, with lots of lovely treats, and Santander, having sorted out my banking issues - hopefully! - I enjoyed and ice cream in the garden. It was such gorgeous weather! I quickly went upstairs to get changed for a walk, an ended up taking pictures of some of the garden wildlife. We have so much! So many birds, but also squirrels and pheasants which I find very entertaining to watch.
My favourite is out latest edition, frogs! We've so far counted 7 in the pond but we keep finding more so we will see.
Just before I set off on the walk, I did sadly discover a little tit that must have flown into the garage window and died. Apparently, it happened a while ago but dad was wanting to bury it.
Anyway, then I set off on a little walk. I say little, it was meant to be a short 1 to 2 hour one, but it ended up being a 3 hour trek with lots of hills. Last summer when I visited my dad, we went on this lovely little forest walk and then through a cute village but could I find the path for the life of me? No. I got so lost! Thank god for Google Maps because I ended up finding a path which took me in a somewhat circular path with only a short but of repetition. I met lots of friends on the way and surprisingly most of them were cows, not sheep!
I may not always outwardly enjoy the views but I do appreciate them. The strange thing about where my dad lives in Wales is that despite all the countryside and fields, there doesn't seem to be many country walks and it's a real shame. Most of the fields are blocked off, even where there is suppose to be a walk way. I thought there would be loads of routes but I feel like I've done some sort of version of all of them.
After walking for so long on the main road and having to stop for traffic every other minute, I was so glad to have finally made it to a dirt track. Although it's easier walking on roads, there is something much more rewarding and special about being in the country, immersed amongst the trees.
The views at the top of the hill may have made the journey somewhat worth it. It was so peaceful and very relaxing.
I did sadly have one little accident on my way round. I was going over a gate sty and ended up catching my knee, as I lifted my leg over, on some wood that was sticking out. It stung a little but not too bad and I bravely and proudly sported my injury to everyone I passed on the walk back.
Despite getting lost, it was a really beautiful day and a gorgeous walk. I was a little sad not to have gone with someone but I guess that's life at the moment.