Celebrating my 24th Birthday in Lockdown!

I just turned 24 and here's how I celebrated in lock down! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I woke up honestly quite down and depressed. I'm not sure why but it just felt like a normal day and without seeing any friends and knowing it was a birthday in lockdown, just made it quite sombre. After a relaxing morning in bed watching television and replying to messages...plus sorting out a few university bits and bobs so I could have the day off. 

Despite the clouds, it was a really warm day so I put on my favourite Amazon pink dress-jumper and paired it with white shorts. I love the delicate white lace detail on the front and the whole thing just makes me feel really pretty. Then I paired in with my white denim shorts from Dorothy Perkins which I absolute love. 
Dad came into my room to surprise me in bed with presents and lots of cards which was really kind of unexpected, given that not many people know where I am at the moment. Plus, mum had already told me I had a bunch at the farm. I told him I'd get ready and then come downstairs but when I came down he was on the phone so I made my little picnic lunch first.
With Karen having a early shift, I decided to wait to do presents until she got back, and the weather looked like it was going to rain later on in the day so we headed off out for a walk. I first went upstairs and got changed into my gym gear and then we headed off.
As always, dad described it as a gentle hour stroll but it ended up being very hilly and taking just over 2 hours - albeit we waited at the top of the hill, on a bench, for Karen to catch up and join us. To be honest, I was quite thankful for the rest!

After an ice lolly on the way back and dad and Karen having a quick lunch, it was time to open presents! We ended up doing it outside because the weather was so nice and thank god we did. If you haven't seen the vlog...you need to! I ended up opening the poshest envelope ever and as I opened it, it was filled with insects...earwigs! It was horrible and I seriously got the shock of a lifetime. After that, everything else went smoothly and I got some lovely gifts. You can see my present haul here and I will also be writing a review of the Enigmagram because it was so amazing. We spent the next hour or so working our way through the different puzzles and it was a great way to pass the time.
Once I'd finally got my message, I ended up spending some time online. I replied to some messages and called my mum, grandma and attempted to get in touch with my boyfriend but didn't have much luck. Then it was time for my long awaited, highly anticipated three course Marks and Spencer's meal. I was so excited! We had Mac N Cheese Bites for starters, pizza for mains and then an incredible cookie dough dessert for pudding. It was so delicious!
Finally, the last thing on my busy birthday schedule was an online escape room with friends through Big Break Hamburg. I will be writing a full review for this, if it's not already out which you can find here.
It was a great way to end the day - although slightly exhausting! - and then I finished with a few moments downstairs, chilling in the lounge once everyone else had gone to bed. It was nice to have a couple moments to myself and to go through the pictures and reflect on the moment of the day.
I hit £100 on my birthday fundraiser for Mummy's Star which feels amazing and if you did want to donate, you can do so via this link here. My birthday week fell on Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week which made it even more special.

Considering I woke up really quite “meh”, I had an absolutely brilliant birthday in lockdown. It was packed and full of love. Here’s to finding the joy in the little moments.