Gorgeous Weather, Baby Animals and Mummy's Star!

My last few weeks of being 23 were filled with randomness. The weather was gorgeous and we saw some gorgeous baby ducklings and cygnets!
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
With such gorgeous weather and getting ahead of my work, I ended up deciding to take a few days off studying. In all honesty, learning in lockdown has been quite a doddle for me. Not that the work has been easier than normal, because it's been the same level, but we have had very little teaching with very little work to do. Although I know the lecturers are doing their best and trying to accommodate student's home life, I can't help but feel like we're being left to our devices somewhat, despite paying £9,500 per year for tuition. 

Anyway, as a result of being ahead, I ended up taking a few days off again to enjoy the sunshine and read some books. I ended up reading 6 books in the space of a week...and these were big books! I also sunbather on our picnic blanket and got such a great tan. 
At the end of May, it was my "Aunts" birthday and so to celebrate we did a family pub quiz. I made a little big of an effort and got dressed up for the day in our of my favourite summer dresses and even wore my dangly earrings. I was really sad I'd left my gold necklace at the farm but nevertheless, I felt pretty and dressed up for the first time in weeks. It was probably one of the hottest days of the year and I was keeping cool by eating ice lollies for most of the day! Ps. which photo do you prefer: flirty, cute or nice?
In the end, everyone else was doing the quiz in groups, except myself and the birthday girl and given that she's triple my age and one round of questions was entirely based on her, I was defintely the one at a disadvantage. I was really bad! But it was fun and nice to catch up and see everyone.
I also got to enjoy the hot tub one last time before it completely broke. After the infection from a few weeks before, I didn't go in for a while and we put in a bunch of chlorine to kill any bacteria that was in it. I had a lovely and peaceful time, before the hot tub failed for the umpteenth time. Dad had been resetting it every sort of 48 hours, but after this time it failed after just 24 hours, I'm hoping he'll finally ring them up for a replacement.
It's so strange living in Wales and being surrounded by countryside and yet being unable to walk in most of them. I've been loving going on walks, especially in the evening. Usually, I would walk along the beach after tea on holding so it's along the same wavelength and feels very similar given how hot it's been. I did try to find a new path and I actually found one but it was sadly an awful mess of thorns.
Going on a sunset walk was actually really pretty and I couldn't believe how hot it was still. Also, the fields were getting more and more sheep filling them up. Ignore the mess of my greasy hair, I just wanted to show the tan I caught and lets face it...I wasn't seeing anyone in person.
After a few days of doing the same paths, I told dad I wanted to go on a canal walk. The weather was once again scorching and so I thought it would be perfect to have the tree coverage from the overhang. We didn't go to the usual one, but one much closer and more local.
It was so peaceful and we saw so many babies. Lots of lambs, a family of ducklings and a swan family with a huge family of cygnets. They were all so gorgeous and it really was a lovely walk. On the way back, instead of walking back the same way, we took a slight detour through a village and picked up ice cream before heading back to car.
I didn't record too much over this period of time because apart from the few days where I recorded DITL, I haven't recorded too much. Throughout this period, I really struggled to pick up the camera, not because I didn't want to, put because it didn't feel right. It's a strange world we're living in and whilst I didn't talk about in in the vlog, I have written posts about the Black Lives Matter campaign, both on White Privilege and Blackout Tuesday.
I thought I'd share some of the other things I've been up to but not recorded. I had a couple of lecture days and I've been getting ahead of work so I can enjoy the sun when it's out. The NMA also had our Awards Night which was fun. Plus, lots of knitting and I filmed a mini mail haul, with my Pulse Oximeter and Neveo journal. To top it off, I finally finished writing my acne journey which has been really important for me to write down and I am so glad it's ready to be shared. Part 1 and Part 2 are already out!
Whilst the world engages in education and especially self-engagement, I think it's really well and truly great. I've seen lots of people posting BLM and it might be the centre of attention for a lot of people in the world at the moment, but I'm still continuing to learn about midwifery matters. I've done another two study sessions this month already: Beyond Bea again and Mummy's Star which I will sharing more about very soon!
These were the last few week's as a 23 year old so come back next week to see me celebrate my 24th in lockdown.