Big Break Hamburg: Online Escape Room (Review)

As I was celebrating my 24th birthday in lockdown, I still wanted to celebrate in someway with my friends. I had a £5 voucher with Groupon to spend as I had bought the 2 cinema tickets for £10 voucher, when I went to see My Spy, and had only been able to spend one due to lockdown, which when contacted, they kindly refunded me the difference.

I ended up looking on there for Father's Day gifts because I didn't want to forget about the voucher and let it expire. I couldn't find anything I thought he would really like but then I came across some online games. I ended up searching and one that stood out the most was Big Break Hamburg which was an online escape room. It was cheap, costing just £6 which meant I only spent an additional £1.

I have been wanting to do an escape room for a long time. I love having to use my brain to work out puzzles and find clues, so the idea of being able to use it to "escape", always appealed and the thrill excited me.
I was a little confused at first when

When it came around to using the voucher, it was a little confusing at first. There are instructions but they are a little unclear. In the end, it was fairly simple but it does require to use the website directly and add the product to the basket again. From there, you use the Groupon voucher to get the basket down to no cost. Then, you get an email confirming purchase and shortly after, information regarding logging into the game. The latter of mine strangely went into the Junk folder so we were waiting a little while.

There are two separate options currently available for online escape rooms and given the situation, we chose Under Quarantine. We logged in to Microsoft TEAMS to do a video call so we could see each other and chat through it and then I shared my screen so we could all watch at the same time, however, everyone can log in to the game in their own time and have it on their own screens if easier.
The games were really fun and although the technology set up quite basic between the levels, it was very interactive and each level was very different. Luckily, the other two had done some of the types of rounds before otherwise for some of them, I wouldn't have had a clue where to start. Some of the games included:

  • Code linked to images 
  • Colour coded pinned map and clocks with times of different countries 
  • A visual puzzle 
  • Google maps following instructions
  • Pattern of flowers and doors 
  • Periodic table code 
  • Bookshelf and animals 
  • Pool table order 
  • Beetle shapes password
  • Letter code through shapes 
  • Number skills 
My favourite was defintely the letter code through shapes which probably makes no sense but you'll know it if you do it. I wouldn't have had a clue what to do but Vicki had done it before so once she explained the pattern, it was really fun!

There is an instructions booklet that comes with the email and it was very explanatory so if you are stuck, it can help you. It also has different levels of help so it doesn't have to tell you the answer straight away, it can give you some hints and tips first. We ended up using it for just one of the tasks and we probably would have worked it out eventually but we were all getting tired towards the end because it was almost half 10 and the game did probably go on just a little bit too long in length.
Overall, I really loved the experience and would defintely do it again, but I would recommend starting much earlier because by the end of it I was completely exhausted.


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