My Top 5 Summer LipSense Picks!

It's been a little while since I did a favourite LipSense post and even longer since I did a seasonal edition. Well today, I am back with my top 5 Summer LipSense picks. Also, all of these lip colours I am wearing with Glossy Gloss! 

First up is Violette! This one is described as a rosy lavender with hints of a frosty iridescence and I think it is the perfect purple for summer. It's soft and pretty, while still adding that much needed pop of colour. I also love if because I have like 3 different outfits which it colour matches to perfectly. 
Next up is Heartbreaker. I always love this shade when I wear it but for some reason I only ever wear it in the summer. There is something about wearing this rosy-coral shade in the sunshine which makes me extra happy.  
Summer Sunset is my third shade and similarly to Heartbreaker, I only wear it in the summer. This one is a coral shade again but has more of a pink undertone, rather than orange with the former.
I can't not include a pink with the collection and this one is my all time favourite. I was so happy when Goddess got added to the permanent range; it is one of only two limited edition shades that have been popular enough to be added so that should speak for itself. I chose to wear this shade for my birthday and I just love it. It's a beautiful bright matte pink and can go with pretty much anything. I think I love it the most because it makes my green eyes pop.
 Finally, Kiss me Katie. This one is the lightest of the shades I'm sharing today and it's great if you just want a little something but not that huge pop of colour, or if you're wanting to be a little more simpler of a look. It is a subtle light peach-pink shade, with a shimmer! The shimmer is just so beautiful when the light hits and I always get so many compliments when I wear it.
I think it's so funny how colour preferences change and vary over time. Click here to see how different they were back in 2017! Also, for those that didn't know, I'm currently have a sale at Hannah's Lips UK. At the time of writing, you can get all these colours for 15% off, with a free sample gift and free delivery too. Make sure to head to my Facebook Page to contact me here


  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2020

    Hi Hannah, I found your blog and Youtube channel today, sorry this comment isn't related to this post but to your midwifery degree. I am hopefully starting my midwifery degree at University of Nottingham in September 2021, I can't wait! But I also have a few questions about your experience there, I was wondering if you're open to people contacting you to ask you questions , it'd be extremely helpful to me :-) Joanna

    1. Hi of course! Congratulations <3 Feel free to send me an email or search for a blog post and write your questions on one of the relevant blog posts if it may be useful for others!


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