June's Announcement!

It is officially my birthday month! JUNE! Although, I have a feeling this year's birthday celebrations are going to be a little bit different to normal: thank you coronavirus. To celebrate the fact I am turning 24, plus 6 years of blogging and 3 years of Hannah's Lips UK, I am doing a blog post every single day this month and I am so excited!

Be ready for lots of series:

  • Weekly Vlogs
  • Midwifery Mondays
  • Beauty Tuesdays
  • Welfare Wednesday 
  • Skincare Saturdays 
  • ...and lots of product reviews and other things too, split over Thursday and Friday!

NB: This was actually originally scheduled to go up on Tuesday but with everything going on in the world, I obviously felt it was better to move it. I still don't feel quite write sharing happiness and celebrating but as other's campaign over Black Lives Matter, I will continue to educate myself and listen from a far.