New Series: Skincare Saturdays!

I am actually super excited to start sharing these posts. My skincare journey has been a long one with windy roads and detours, plus lots of bumps along the way. I've wanted to share this for a while but I just haven't had the chance to sit down and write and share it all the way I want it to be shared. I've finally decided I'm just going to do it!

It's not going to be picture perfect. It's going to be raw, honest and true, which is really what this blog is all about. Have I ever proof read a post before it went live? Urm no...sorry!

I'm starting a new series on the blog called "Skincare Saturdays". I am actually really excited to write and share these posts and at the moment I am just going to say it's for the month of June - my birthday month! - but we will see where it goes from there!
Sit back, relax, read and enjoy.