I Turn 24: Celebrating in Lockdown!

Today is officially my 24th birthday and I am celebrating! It might not be quite the birthday I planned but I hope to make it a special, relaxing and fun day with lots of virtual celebrations with friends and family. I'll be sharing all about it in the weekly vlog in a couple of weeks and also in a blog post very soon. In the meantime, I'm taking a day off blogging completely today to celebrate.
It feels very strange to be celebrating without my close family and friends, and even more so without my boyfriend. To top it off, I have a bunch of live lectures I have to do today so it's quite an unexpectedly busy day!

Also, I am living in Wales with my father and his girlfriend. My dad is retired so he is home all day, but his girlfriend works as an ODP in theatres so has still been working full time. On top of that, despite many countries globally releasing lockdown measures, Wales is still in complete lockdown with no social distancing meet ups or days out allowed.