Hot Tub Infection, Dragonflies and Drag Bingo!

It was an interesting week with a painful hot tub infection, dragonfly infestations and cohort drag bingo! 
Click here for the vlog or watch below. 
My first morning started with lots of noise. I woke up to the sound of sheep bleeting outside my window, so after I got dressed and ready for the day, I headed outside to see what all the noise was about. Turns out all the sheep had gathered by the gate, which is practically next to our back door. One of the older lambs got a little stuck next to the gate. It was a gorgeous day so I enjoyed a picnic lunch outside on the grass before heading back inside for commitments. 
After my FB LIVE unfortunately had to get cancelled due to the guests WiFi situation, we ended up going to the recycling centre a little earlier than planned. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and there have been tonnes of dragonflies in our garden. They're really pretty but very difficult to capture as I chased them around with my camera! My dad actually took this photo and it's a lot better than any of mine. 
When we got back, I tried to do some work outside for a little bit but to be honest it was just wayyyy to hot. It's really hard to work on a laptop with a sun glare, but it ended up making me get a headache because I was squinting so much and when I picked up the laptop it was extremely hot and overheating so it was defintely the right decision.
I ended up ordering a couple of swimming costumes from Amazon and I fell in love with this one. It's amazing, super comfy and really flattering so I can't wait to wear it for swimming. I hadn't been going in the hot tub this week because I sadly ended up getting hot tub folliculitis which is basically inflammation of the hair follicles caused by bacteria in the hot tub. I get folliculitis from shaving but this was so much worse and incredibly painful. I'm very thankful to say that it only lasted a week before disappearing and only 4 days or so of being really painful. We ended up putting extra chlorine in the hot tub to attempt to kill the bacteria off so fingers crossed it works.
The next day was a lovely day again. I started out wearing a dress but I did end up putting my gym gear on in the afternoon because we headed out on a three mile walk in the countryside. It was a lovely day and seemed a real shame to sit inside so I was very grateful to get out and about.
The next day, I redyed by hair blue! I've really loved having the little pop of colour and with it fading out and becoming dull, I was excited to get the bright blue back. I think I may even try to keep it going indefinitely. My next colour is already waiting in the bathroom and this time it's pink!
 Before the wind got too crazy, I headed out to the shops, I needed to return a couple of Amazon packages as well as post a gift to our coach to say thank you. On the way back, I saw some lovely little flowers for sale. They were really sweet and I talked to the lady selling them, being polite and making conversation but she was so RUDE! Totally unneeded, unnecessary and unprovoked. I was actually going to buy some but after her attitude, I defintely will not be buying from her anytime soon.
Of course, while I was out, I also had to treat myself. I bought a yummy chocolate fudge cake. The village shop sells loads of local products and I personally don't find that they taste as good and they're often quite dry. This one however, was the first one I saw with icing on so I jumped at the chance and ate it the second I got home!
Finally, to end the week, we had a cohort drag bingo with some of my year group, as well as a few of the teachers who got involved. It was organised well and ran pretty smoothly. I laughed really hard at some points and with everyone drinking it only got funnier, although I ended up leaving after 1 hour because I was starving and some of the humour was getting a little vulgar. Unfortunately, given how quickly I packed, I didn't really have anything to wear - not that I probably would have anyway - but I ended up trying to do something a little extra with my eye makeup instead.
I decided to end the vlog a little earlier this week because I really wanted to concentrate on my research proposal over the bank holiday weekend and I was so close to finishing! I also got the strangest package but I shared all about that on Friday!