Welfare Wednesday: Getting Active!

I for one am guilty of not exercising enough and I, like many, go through phases of exercising regularly and then letting it fall off completely. In between placement, life and everything else going on in the world, it can be hard and I know it's an excuse but sometime there really are barriers to exercising. They can be physical barriers, such as travelling difficulties or financial, as well as social or psychological, like self-esteem. Regardless of people's barriers, it is important to be non-judgemental and support them.
It's important to remember all the benefits of exercise. Most recognise the positive effect on physical health but there are also others, many of which link to the hormones released. It can reduce stress and tension, through providing a better balance of cortisol. Your sleep improves due to being more tired after activity and the steady release of serotonin. Lower depression rates are reported with more activity, less dwelling on and often forming closer friendships and bonds. It also improves mood through releasing endorphins, calms anxiety and lifts mood. This also links with self-esteem, with serotonin and dopamine increasing positive moods and as better fitness improves individuals have better confidence and achievement, creating a satisfaction and improved resilience.