Mind Panda: Mindfulness Stress Balls (Review)

If you watch the vlog coming up on Sunday, you will see how confused I was by a package I received. I ended up getting something from Amazon in the post and I hadn't ordered anything it. When I opened it, it didn't shed anymore light but I'd been recently complaining about a lot of wrist pain I've been having. It more so started when I tried to do press ups in a Pilates class, but it's been getting worse and I think it's mainly because I've been using my laptop so much recently. For that reason, I thought someone may have bought it for me but I asked my dad and my boyfriend and they both said no. I ended up contacting Amazon to explain and then told me to keep it as a gift and they will be in touch with the original ordered. 
Well, fast forward a couple of days and I got an email from Mind Panda who it turns out sent my the product to review, just hadn't confirmed before sending. When I looked it up on their website, I was so excited! It turns out they are stress balls, but with so many additional benefits. 

I love Mind Panda. I think they're a really great company and I love their mission: Learning how to manage your emotional well-being can be challenging, and most online courses or apps can be counter productive leaving you relying on mobile devices. Our products are designed by professionals to help you practice mindfulness on the go, anytime, anywhere and away from all distractions. Helping you achieve a healthier, happier and well-balanced lifestyle. 
The Stress Balls come with three balls inside, as well as a leaflet giving details of hand strengthening exercises. When I first opened them, I was immediately hit by the smell and at first I thought it was minty almost, but it didn't quite fit. The stress balls utilise aromatherapy for extra relaxation with a combination of jasmine, rosemary and lemon. They truly do smell amazing and the fact it is relaxing, clears the mind and relieves stresses is just an added benefit.
The balls are also very high quality and specifically designed for added benefits. The gel core enjoys a satisfactory squeeze and my favourite part is the words. Each ball has a different theme, with positive words dotted about the material to further improve moods. 
Of course, added benefits include hand strengthening, which like mentioned, the product comes with a leaflet of example exercises. It is also really great if you have OCD or autism-spectrum disorders because they can act like a fidget item. You can buy them here for £16 and find out more information about the benefits and reasoning behind them. You can also get a free gift in the form of a lovely book all about mindfulness. 

They are actually doing a giveaway of their products to the NHS and will be giving away one hundred items to hospitals up and down the country. How amazing!