Pulse Oximeter by MomMed (Review)

MomMed recently reached out to me and asked me to review their Pulse Oximeter in exchange for the product for free. For my 18th birthday, my dad got me all the basic equipment needed to do observations on anyone, except a pulse oximeter, so of course I jumped at the opportunity.

I have seen a lot of different pulse oximeters on the market and heard a lot of mixed reviews. A couple from friends and family have said that their's are poor quality and have mentioned lots of aspects that disappoint them. I thought I'd review this with an open mind but also remembering their comments and seeing whether this alternative would meet their needs.

I would like to say before you continue to read, that this post is in no way suppose to be read from a medical perspective. Instead, this is a lay-person review for lay-person use. I know one of the key monitoring aspects for coronavirus is oxygen saturation, with concerns at less than 94% and worries at less than 90%, so sales have increased rapidly recently. Just remember, home monitors are not as accurate as hospital monitors from my understanding.
The product came in a very secure little box and all the items fit in the box which makes it also great to keep and store for long term usage. The cardboard is sturdy and has a protective coating, making it water resistant. The product wasn't available for next day delivery, despite being on Prime but I wasn't in a rush to get it so when it came 4 days later, it wasn't a huge issue. 
I absolutely love everything that came with the monitor. Having a product come with batteries is amazing and it also didn't require screwdrivers as it was a sliding system, so everything you needed came with the product and it was ready to go minutes after arrival. It also came with a lanyard to wear around the neck and an instruction booklet. The writing was very small but explained basic and more complex features in simple terms which was great.
The display was clear and easy to read. The function of pulse and oxygen saturation worked perfectly and I checked my pulse manually to ensure accuracy too. I would say that the oxygen saturation can be a little variable but if you leave it on for a few minutes, it settles.

I also loved the bonus features I was not expecting with this product. Despite having just one button, different patterns and types of holds, change different features. A short hold switches the screen direction so that you can easily read your own results, or someone else's which is probably my favourite feature. You can also create different profiles and look at alternative measurements, other than the basics.

Overall, I was really impressed and compared to some of the other's it wasn't expensive which was great. I would defintely recommend if you are looking at buying one. Plus, it's currently discounted as I post this.