The Enigmagram 2020 (Review)

I recently celebrated by 24th birthday and in the middle of lockdown it was bound to be different. I still had a great day and got a bunch of incredible presents, with one of my favourites being The Enigmagram.

First of all, I have to start this post with a funny story. You may have seen it from the vlog but if not, it's worth a quick detour. As I was getting ready to open my cards, this one was by far my favourite and most intriguing. It felt fancy and had a wax stamp on the back. I couldn't wait to see what was inside and who it was from so I opened it first. The second I got into the envelope I threw the card. Inside was a family of earwigs crawling around. At first I thought someone must be playing a really mean trick and both myself and my dad's girlfriend where well and truly shocked. Well my dad was laughing and he quickly explained that there was a nest of them in the post box and they somehow must have got in. It may have been a little bit of a shock and it took me a while to get over it but it's now defintely a funny story to tell!

Back to the review...
As you can tell, I was very impressed with the packaging and I loved how detailed, yet anonymous it was. Once opened I knew exactly what it was, but I had also hinted at my boyfriend and friend to get me it too, so whilst I had forgotten about it completely, once I realised I knew exactly what to do!
There were 11 different puzzles and activities. They were all very engaging and fun. There was a range of quick and easy ones and then some that required more thought. I really liked that they were all really different in terms of the puzzle, but also the design.

I did get stuck on 2 of them and required a little bit more help from my dad and his girlfriend. In the end for the alphabet one, I had to look at the little hints page and it's a good job we did because we had started using that technique and then given up. I think if I wasn't so excited to see the video, I probably would have kept going a little longer but I was really excited.
Once I finally got the code, I tried to access the video but still couldn't. We had all been doing it somewhat individually and there was one question that none of us agreed on so I re-did it myself and managed to get it right on my second attempt! I absolutely loved watching the video and I filmed my reaction for the vlog so be sure to go and watch it, if you missed it.

Overall, I absolutely loved this little surprise and I think it's a great present to get anyone who likes to do puzzles, games and use their brain. I would love to do it again and I know they're working to create new puzzles roughly every 6 months so fingers crossed for next year!

Would you like this? Have you done it already?