2020 Resolutions Update!

We are officially half way through the year, so I thought there is no better time to review my New Year Resolutions that I made at the very beginning of the new academic year. One of the things I think is important to remember is that instead of having the 6 months we would have normally had, we've had just 2 in reality and therefore, I think we need to practice self-kindness and not be ashamed and disheartened if we're not on track this year.
I'm not going to talk about all of the resolutions in detail but just mention them as check in. In terms of what I feel like I'm doing well at, at the moment, I think I really am living in the moment. I'm trying not to take anything for granted and I think the pandemic has really made that so much easier and clarified different aspects of life for so many. Likewise, devoting time to those that matter. I quickly realised at the start of lockdown, that my mental health was going to struggle if I kept associating myself with people that made me scared, sad and angry. I distanced myself and I have never been happier. Being able to self-reflect allows self-growth. Admitting that can be hard, but it's important to put yourself first and foremost.

Living happier and healthier was another aspect that I wanted to encourage myself to lean towards and so I can defintely say I'm happier, even given the circumstances. I may not be quite as healthy as planned - thank you chocolate - but I am fitter because I've been going on walks pretty much every other day, at least. Similarly, I wanted to focus on that self-love aspect and pampering myself was to be a major component of that. I'm so pleased I've kept this up and over lockdown I've been doing weekly face masks, weekly face scrubs and I always have my nails painted!

Onto the things I am not quite so on track with. Learning a new skill in ice-skating was something I was really excited to delve into but of course, with lockdown, that hasn't been possible. In all honesty, I think with the last half of the year being in complete full-time unpaid placement I'm not really going to have the energy to commit to this so it might be something that gets revisited for next year.

Of course, some of the benefits of lockdown has meant I have been able to budget a little more, build my Hannah's Lips UK business and start looking into jobs for when I graduate. I haven't quite applied yet, but I will be very soon and it's very exciting. I'm still on track for a first however I haven't had many results yet so we'll see how that goes. I'm not going to lie, it's been hard to keep motivating whilst studying in isolation from my bed, but we shall see and I'm still trying my best!

The final aspect was all about travelling. Let's be honest...when I wrote my resolutions, I had defintely not anticipated the idea of lockdown and coronavirus putting a damper on leaving your own home, let alone the country. I'm still somewhat hopeful it may happen in January but we shall see, and at the moment I am not wasting my money nor time planning things for Australia.

I love having this check-in and having now written it all down, I'm actually really impressed at how many things I have accomplished already this year. It's nice to be able to write it down and stay accountable. How are you with your resolutions? Are you on track?