2020 New Year's Resolutions!

2019 was a year of confidence, 2018 a year of change, 2017 focused on self-love, 2016 stood for progress and 2015 helped me reset. This year, my word for 2020 is intention. I've also decided to try and pick a few goals for each area of my life: personal, relationship and work.
  1. Live in the moment. The last 3 months of last year were very hectic for me and whilst I loved every moment of it, I found myself torn in a million directions and not making the most of spending time and living in the moment. I want to optimise my time this year and re-evaluate my priorities. I want to focus on living in the now, without mindlessly worrying about other things. I don't want to multitask. I want to commit to being focused on one thing at a time by time blocking and organising days to relax and chill. Importantly, make a day off, be a day off. No emails. No work. Just focus. 
  2. Learn to ice skate. It's been proven that those who learn a new skill every year, keep their brain engaged for longer and remain happier humans. I'm not sure I fully believe it but after going ice skating twice in as many years, and barely leaving the side, I would love to be able to skate happily off the side. Honestly, this is probably going to be one of the goals I might not make but I would love to be able to try anyway. 
  3. Pamper myself. Life can be stressful and being a healthcare professional, I feel like when on placement, self-care goes completely out the window. This year I want to focus on feeling glamorous, especially when in theory. This will likely be the last year until I retire when I can have my nails painted for the majority of the year. When I'm in theory, I want them painted! When in placement, I want to do hair masks and face masks and just to treat myself with something every week. 
  4. Travel plan to somewhere new. Last year I was incredibly lucky to go to not one new country, but to two! I went to Croatia and then went to Norway on a Midwifery study trip. I have a week long trip planned to Portugal already but I've been there so many times and it's for a family 60th birthday with lots of friends and family. If you know anything about me, you know I love travelling to new countries so I'm thinking a long weekend for a city break is in order! Realistically, that might not happen because in January, I plan on travelling for a while. I have 2 months before I can start work and so I want to enjoy the last long break while I can!
  5. Design a proper budget. Scarily, a new (at least to me) Santander app shows exactly how much I spent each month and for the whole year. It also breaks it down into what the expenses were on, such as travel, food etc. Well, after looking back at the last 7 years, I spent drastically more this year and it somewhat shocked me! It's not ridiculous still, and it's not living above my means but this year, I want to spend less. I want to stop buying unnecessary things. I want to focus on simplicity and minimalism. It's almost to the stage in life where I want to buy a house and have a dog and start a family. They are big expenses so of course, I need to save money...and honestly I can't wait! If you've read my decade goals, I'm sure you can tell!
  6. Be healthier and happier. It's the same old goal that almost every single person has on their list. It's a great goal and all too often, it get's left behind in my life. This year I want to drink more water, I want to eat better and I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Sure, I want to restart going to the gym, but not a specific number of times. Simply put, I want to do some form of activity 6 days a week...from walking to university, to the gym, to archery. 
  7. Devote time to people who matter. I don't want to spend time with people who drag be down. I want to spend more time with family and friends who matter. I want to reconnect with those close to me. I want to enjoy socialising with appreciate everyone who means the most. I want to travel to visit family and enjoy auntie life. Importantly, I want to continue to date my best friend. 
  8. Achieve a first. Fingers crossed! This years marks my third and final year as a midwifery student. There's so much to do this year and I cannot wait. Amazingly, the final exam is completely done so it shouldn't be the most stressful. I also want to completely finish the research project forever and get published...maybe even a few more presentations. I also think it will be amazing to graduate in the year of the midwife!
  9. Apply for midwifery jobs. Life as an adult adulting will officially begin in 2021 so it's crazy to think this time next year I should have a job. I need to apply, interview and successfully get a job. Wish me luck!
  10. Build Hannah's Lips UK. I think personal growth and business growth are always interlinked and so with both, I hope to build them from strength to strength. Here's to more demonstrations, more parties and more team recruits and friends. 

What are your new year resolutions? Don't forget to utilise my tips on writing goals to help you achieve them!