What I got for Christmas 2019!

It's finally here! Here is what I got for Christmas 2019. I have already shared my Secret Santa and my boyfriends gifts but here's what I opened on Christmas Day this year!
What is Christmas without some sort of clothing? This year I got a tonne of new socks! I got some gorgeous comfy slipper socks from my mum and some Bamboo socks from my sister's boyfriends. Both are super soft. Then I got a little reindeer pair from my step Uncle and Aunt and here's the pack of festive socks I got from my boyfriend.
My mum also got me some other clothes. A lovely pair of winter themes pyjama's, a gorgeous scarf and a sparkly dress. 
I love playing board games and family friendly games so this year I got Colour Brain which was super fun and we played for a very long time on Christmas Day, plus Dominoes and Jenga! These were from my oldest sister and my dad. 
My mum also got us a little bit of a joke present as we always steal her toiletries when we visit!
From my godmother, I got a Chanel lipstick, plus this fancy purse which I still don't really understand to be honest!
 From my "mother in law" I got a lovely candle and bath bomb, plus some other treats.
My mum got me some Rudds wellies which are quite thick welly boot-like so you're not suppose to need to wear thick socks under them.
 I got yet another hot water bottle. This was is super cute and very VERY soft!
This is defintely my favourite little collection. I loved the tree ornament from my dad, the gold initial coaster from my "mother in law" and my travel keyring from my mum.
To round things off, I got a whole load of treats. I got chocolate, biscuits, baking kits and mints! I can't wait to get fat as usual.
What did you get for Christmas this year?

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