2019 Reflections!

As I think about what direction my 2020 resolutions are going to take, I want to reflect on last year's resolutions and the level of achievement from this past year.

My big goal was to stop drinking diet coke for the year. I'd always said I was going to have two cheat days, which ended up being my birthday and my boyfriend's birthday. But I also ended up having an additional glass on a fancy diet out in London...mainly because I felt very awkward going on a date with just 2 people and sticking to water.

Whilst unknown areas still scare me to drive to, I have enjoyed the independence of driving and the ease of getting from place to place. I've driven to Wales and back multiple times, to London and of course to and from my mum's house in Leeds. I've also taken road trips to Coventry and Alton Towers which has been nice. It's not necessarily the driving that I fear, but the parking situation when arrived.

Where do I begin with archery! I still love it and I have absolutely adored being on the committee, with the ability to feedback in the hope to change things for the better. I've got a new Personal Best which shows improvement but I wouldn't exactly say I'm good. I barely shot in December so I'll see what I'm like when I return later this month.

It's hard to stick to reading when my eyes hurt at the end of a long day but I have defintely read a few more books this year. I read at least one book each month, plus 9 in August since I was on holiday and minus one in December. This will always be a goal of mine I think because books bring so much joy to my life and I love being able to escape from everyday life.

I still haven't really shared my Roaccutane story - which I know I promised so many of you! - but I finished my 9 month extended course of the acne treatment in May and I have seen such amazing results from the process. I promise I will write a full and detailed story of my acne journey this year, but until then, I can safely say I accomplished my acne goal.

Yes, exercise remains one of my biggest struggles in life, but I really did feel on top of it until summer hit in June. Then the plan kind of broke down and got lost in the latter half of the year. I know everyone say's this, but life got a little in the way and I ran out of time. A huge placement block of 5 months meant I didn't have the continuity I needed to stay on top of it and then family, friends, boyfriends and a major exam meant I put other things first. Again, next year...

Reading goal number 7 makes my heart swell with love and happiness. It's strange to read that now and looking back on who I was at the start of 2019. I never once expected to write this a year later saying I have a boyfriend, and not just any boyfriend...the most amazing boyfriend of 9 months, who makes me smile, laugh and cry 24/7. Yes! I went on a date or two with different people, and then I fell in love...

I'm still waiting on my final grade for second year to come in but I'm really hoping I get 70% or over. I still have 30 of the 120 credits to come in but currently, overall I'm on 74% so fingers crossed!

Another goal which started strongly, then got a bit lost...but finished on a high! I really got into live videos at the start of the year and got a tonne of new customers. I then barely posted for the middle months and of course, that reflected on my business. It was really nice to finish with a one-on-one and a starter kit sale though!

Finally, the research project! It's been a long road and it's not quite been published just yet but it's been written and it's just waiting approval.