Mini Christmas in Wales!

My Christmas break started with a trip to Wales to spend some time celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family.

Click here for the vlog or see below.

Once my housemate Christmas meal was over, Luke came over. He was driving to Wales and unfortunately, my sister had to get my mum to bring her to Nottingham because her train was cancelled. In the end it all worked out okay and we simply set off just under an hour late. When we arrived, dad welcomed us into the house and had a great evening chatting and getting to know each other.

The next day, we all went down Lake Vyrnwy. We went on a walk up to the waterfall and then headed down to the cafe for lunch, before walking around the Welsh National Sculpture Park to see the heavy water being off loaded. To be quite honest, it needs a huge amount of work doing to make it even remotely worth being a sculpture park because it is so run down! But my dad said they have just received a £10 million grant so hopefully soon.

Then we headed home and had a sausage casserole for tea. After watching a film, we all got in and enjoyed the hot tub. Definitely worth the money!

The morning of Saturday was spent waiting for my sister and her family to arrive. They were supposed to set off at 8am but ended up not leaving till almost 12pm so it was a little bit of a drag. We spent the morning playing darts, table tennis and enjoying the garden. Dad got our Christmas meal ready and once that was done, we started playing board games.

Finally, they arrived and we chatted and played with the kids before eating and celebrating Christmas as a family! We watched The Lion King and celebrated together. It was lovely to see everyone.

On Sunday, we headed on a Welsh tour of the garden dad's favourite. We did get to see some singing bears - which I loved! - and Santa which was amazing. Usually, it's a quick in-out with a snap of a photo, but this Santa was £7 for the two kids, had a fun garden themed quiz, got to sit and chat with Santa for ages and then a £5 voucher to buy anything and a kids lunch box!

Once home, we had pizza for a late lunch (everyone had a cake at the Garden Centre) and then played board games again before everyone went home. Luke and I were staying on an extra day so we finished watching a Christmas TV show, then watched a film when dad got home and went in the hot tub to celebrate!

Our final day ended up being a little bit of a dud morning again as we waiting for Karen to get home from work. In the end, we just watched tv and a film, whilst eating treats, then loaded the car before heading to the garden centre for lunch. From there we said goodbye to dad and made our way home.

It worked out alright in the end, although I was a bit sad at the time, because we ended up going to visit Luke's grandparents and then his mother and step-dad as well. Then I got dropped off at home before re-packing my car and driving back to Leeds...having said my goodbye's to my love.