What my Boyfriend got me for Christmas 2019!

Like with my Secret Santa post, once again, I didn't take pictures of all my presents but I did remember to take a picture of a few. I think it's funny how we both did a lot of joke presents to each other and it was really lovely to be surprised. 

I love food (as I am sure you can tell) so he wrapped up some of my favourite goodies! I got a Chocolate Selection Box, some Cheese and Onion Pringles, some Wheat Crunchies and of course, some chocolate! 

I asked for a couple things for Christmas...or at least greatly hinted! One of them was the new Adam Kay book and I cannot wait to read it! Luke also got me this Life Hacks book. I'm kind of obsessed with watched videos of different life hacks so I will defintely have a good look through this to see if anything will make my life a little bit easier. 
I have probably 3 de-icers in my car but they are all super old as they were my grandma's so they don't spray very well. I was defintely laughing when I opened this!
 My favourite present is this cute purple water bottle! I usually use an empty Oasis or Lucozade bottle to fit in my handbag because my other reuseable water bottles are too big but this one is absolutely perfect. It is just the right size and I put it to good use when I headed to the cinema on Boxing Day.
I also got a new string for my bow. It's purple (a little pinker!) and black striped and I can't wait to use it. Of course, he's going to have to set it up first: thank you babe!

Finally, some festive Christmas socks which I have been wearing ever since.