Films I am Most Excited for in 2020!

I was looking back through some old posts and reminiscing on my past life earlier this year. I came across a post from 2018 and I wanted to re-do it for this year too! As I'm sure you can see by the title, here's the films I can't wait to watch this year!
  1. No Time To Die: The latest in the James Bond franchise and I seriously can't wait. I love Daniel Craig and it's been a while since the film came out so it will be nice to be re-imagined into the Bond world again...this time with him in love and heartbroken. 
  2. Wonder Woman 1984: Wonder Woman was one of my legit one of my favourite films of 2017 and I thought it was amazing that women were in power, but also, it was the perfect film and so well created. I haven't watched the trailer for the sequel and I really DO NOT want to. I want to be completely surprised. 
  3. Mulan: The next Disney live action remake is Mulan and it looks incredible. I love anything Disney and can't wait for this one too. 
  4. Dolittle: Who can deny Robert Downey Jr. talking to animals. It's bound to be hilarious. 
  5. 1917: A little of an unusual choice for me as I'm not usually into historical films but I genuinely think this one looks great! 

In all honesty, I think we got spoilt last year with so many great films and there don't seem to be that many big films being released this year. Maybe something will surprise me! 

What are you most excited to see?