Wonder Woman (Review)

Wonder Woman...where to start. 

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I heard amazing things before going into the film but I still couldn't quite comprehend the magic I was about to witness on the set. I actually hadn't watched the trailer at all going on so for that reason, I'm going to keep the storyline brief. 

When I first saw the introduction, I was totally confused and wondered where the film was going but then it quickly goes back in time starting with Diana, Wonder Woman, as a child. The whole sequence of events that unfolded on the island were perfect and magical. I'm really impressed with how they managed to perfectly set the scene and provide background knowledge without it being at all boring. In fact, the whole movie was incredibly engaging and kept me entertained throughout.

I thought the set designs and filming locations were stunning. Seriously, watching, my mind was blown. I was in awe of how beautifully everything came together. Not only the background, but the costumes and make-up too. I would have absolutely loved to be apart of something so special. I feel  like it was a perfect balance of all aspects of cinematic experiences. 
The fighting scenes were beautifully choreographed and while there weren't all that many deeply agonising moments for dramatic scenes, I thought the acting was incredible. I think it was a very emotive performance from everyone involved and I fully believed in the stories being told. No one over acted but the consistent nature of the characters were quietly blissful. 
It's always interesting to see how stories explore someone who is new to a modern world and while I did feel a slight disappointment with the lack of a middle in certain elements when the story was told, it kept the flow of the film very rapid. I, however, could have easily watched another 2 hours of the movie. I think it's a real credit to everyone involved at how emotionally connected and attached I got to the script so quickly.  
Even once of the island, so many more action lines continued. What was more special was that leading everyone into each individual battle was a woman. A woman who empowered men to do more and stand up. Fight back. 
Despite the epic nature of the whole storyline, it had some deeply rooted and actually very important messages portrayed. In this day an age, a lot of adult films miss the real meaning of life but I felt this film brought like back to the root of where stories began, almost like a fable. A teaching incorporated into the very essence of a story. With this, I felt it was about finding yourself, taking lead of your own life and standing for what you believe in and despite the film being produced many months previously to recent events, I couldn't have picked a better time for it to be released. 
Without a doubt, there has to be a sequel! With the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes being only part of a whole separate entity, I can't wait to witness some more magic in the Wonder Woman story. 
Thank you for opening my eyes to a bigger picture and thank you to the incredible director. I hate that everyone has given compliments to this film based on it being directed by a female with a big budget. No. It's not incredible FOR a female, it's incredible because she is incredible. Whether, it was a man who directed or a female, this film has been produced inexplicably beautifully.