Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Part One and Part Two, Play (Review)

My Harry Potter week experience was last month now but today I'm writing up a review of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play, Part One and Two. 

After, hearing the rave reviews and literally trying for months to get tickets, the high demand had to mean it was great. Honestly, I was disappointed and I feel let down. I don't know if it's because I totally had high expectations but either way, quote simply it was boring. 

I read the book the day it came out, click here to read the review, so perhaps that is another reason as I knew the storyline but I was still expecting something, anything, to stand out! 
While the play's motto is to #KeepTheSecrets I think most have now been fairly revealed as many are readable in the book alone. 

So the storyline as a whole, coming from the script as well, was interesting and full of twisted plots and turns but there was no surprises having read the script. Expectedly. 

I was expecting some incredible and beautiful special effects but I actually thought they were quite limited and very repeated. The fire, sparks, telephone box travel and flop network travel was very boring after the first couple of times. The underwater scene however was particularly impressive. I felt massively let down by the final battle because there was actually very little action. 

The most impressive thing was without a doubt the acting. Admittedly, I was disappointed with some of the cast changes but it was perfectly cast and they were all not only incredible but captured the true hearts of the characters perfectly. I loved them all. 

Another favourite aspect was the scene transitions. I can't really describe it and I think it will be impossible to imagine what I'm talking about without having scene it on reality, but it was quite sublime. Capes perfectly timed, in unison capes reached over to cover props and dark cloaked figures blended into the black background. Quite clever really. 

Interestingly, while it wasn't a musical they did manage to include a couple of dance scenes with perfectly timed stompy-Cape swishes again. They used dark clothes and mystical music to create the atmosphere. Actually, it was quite nice to have a break between the big scenes. 

I think Harry Potter fans will still like it and that is why it is doing well but the show alone isn't all that impressive. 

Having said that, I am glad I saw it. I got incredible seats and I feel very honoured to have witnessed such incredible acting. 

Thank you for making a Harry Potter play with a story continued.