The Book of Mormon (Review)

For my flatmate's birthday a couple of month's ago, the whole flat (plus Jess) headed to Leicester Square to see The Book of Mormon. 

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My expectations were really low going in but is was right up everybody else's alley so we went! It was the perfect surprise day out :) 
Honestly, I don't know what I thought the storyline was, but it was nothing like I ever expected.
The songs and characters added some great humour and I really like how the songs were a perfect inclusion to the story rather than an unneeded add-on. Having said that, some of the scenes were a little cliche and I think they defintely need toning down a little. 
Having watched multiple Mormon families on YouTube, I feel like I have a strong connection to the faith and know and understand quite a bit about the way that they work and what they believe in. I found it a very interesting and unique perspective, especially in the fact that they included hurdles rather than this vision of a completely giving and generous group of people.
I still probably wouldn't want to see it again because it's not something incredibly special but for the price - good tickets were very reasonable! - it was defintely worth seeing it once. I would defintely recommend it if you're in London, for sure.
One of the wonderful surprises for me was seeing the journey of one of the main characters. I think it actually made the musical quite a rewarding privilege to witness and be able to see play out.
Overall, if you think this review is coming across mixed, it's because it is. I'm totally torn on whether I liked this play or hated it. There were some parts I enjoyed and other's that I thought were vulgar and unnecessary. I think I'm going to have to leave it on a cliffhanger and say, each person is going to have their own feelings on this West End theatre production. You have to decide for yourself.