Capital's Summertime Ball 2017!

I was so excited when I got tickets to Capital's Summertime Ball this year! In 2015, I headed to Capital's Jingle Bell Ball in December and absolutely loved it so I was really excited.

Click here to watch the video or see below!

Going into it, I was surprised and overwhelmed at how long the concert was for, almost 10 hours! The line up isn't necessarily my personal pick but there are about half of the artists I know well and a few of the others have a song or two which I knew.

Bruno Mars: Honestly I was quite disappointed. Straight up, he was pretty boring, repeated the same dance moves and never really moved from the main stage to make his performance more interactive with the audience. It wasn't helped that the fireworks that started the show, left a haze of smoke for almost 15 minutes and I was struggling to breathe.

Niall Horan: Oh I loved it. His performance was utterly flawless and just stunning. His 2 short songs were over too quickly and after waiting almost 5 hours, I was desperate for his set to go on longer. It was actually a really emotional piece of work and I loved that he played the guitar too.

Little Mix: The world's biggest girl band are always clean and crisp. I love how the girls take turns to introduce songs and speak to the audience. They were last on the night and the set was filled with so many fireworks and streamers. If you like their songs, you'll love them live!

Liam Payne: I was pleasantly surprised! I have to say, when the 'Strip Me Down' song was released, I wasn't all that in love with it. But seeing it live has completely changed my mind. Unfortunately, the microphone setting was a little too quiet so it was quite hard to hear however, the whole performance blew my mind! The choreographed dance was incredible paired with the vocals.

Zara Larsson: MIND BLOWN! I have never heard of her before but Zara was incredible. She is literally a superstar in the making and I really do see her as the next Beyonce. Coming on after Bruno Mars, she had a lot of work to do to get the crowd going and boy did she deliver. Interestingly, I knew almost all the lyrics in her songs and I even surprised myself as how much I loved it. She was so engaging and the choreography was so powerful. Best performance of the night for me.

Shawn Mendes: Where to start... He was the performance I was looking forward to the most and what I didn't realise was how young he was! At just 18 years old, he completely owned the stage and what was even more wonderful to see was how much joy he had while being up there. He seemed to really enjoy himself and love what he did. That passion is just beautiful to witness. I fell even more in love as I saw how incredibly talented he was with so many different instruments. He owned it.

Dua Lipa: Again, I thought I'd never heard of her but in fact, I did know her songs. Similar to Zara, Dua was very much, a dance filled set but I felt like I was watching a forced performance. Looking back, I think it's actually just a natural resting bitch face but I personally found her to look very bored and I didn't think she was always giving it 100%. Despite the lackluster performance, even at a mediocre energy level, she was incredible. Her songs and powerful moves were flawless.
Charlie Puth: I was really excited to see Charlie Puth. I love his music and was expecting great things but looking back, I don't remember it being terrible but I also don't remember it being great which it could have easily been. I think it was wonderful to see him so excited and honoured to have the audience screaming back his words and it was interesting to hear some of his little stories about songs but in a night full of massive performances, more needed to be done to! Perhaps my expectations were too high! Having said that, the microphone issue to start and the volume of the bass did maybe mask a little of the talent.

Louisa Johnson: I used to be a massive fan of The X-Factor but I haven't watched a single episode since starting university. I'd heard of Louisa Johnson but I hadn't heard anything that made me think wow. Seeing her live has completely changed my mind. Without a doubt, she had the best vocals of the night. The sheer range of her voice is incredible! Every time she kept hitting the high notes I thought wow and the length of some of the notes were just mind blowing. While her individual set was short and sweet, her dancers and her made the audiences go wild. Furthermore, she came out not once, not twice but 3 more times to do song collaborations with other artists! I can't see that being easy but she made it look it for sure.

Stormzy: I'm sure he is great but Stormzy is just not my sort of music and I found myself quite bored watching him. It's hard for a single person with no dancers to keep my focus and unfortunately, he remarkably failed.

Clean Bandit: Again, I didn't know their name going in but I knew their songs. THey have so many great songs and so many collaborations on the go. I have to say, it is such a diverse band and a very talented one. So many different types of people and instruments come together to create absolutely unstoppable music.

Anne-Marie: Seemingly, I didn't get any of my own pictures of her but what a star. Similarly, to Louisa, she came out multiple times and she has a very unique, deep voice. I loved her.

James Arthur: I love his songs and his voice is just enthralling. His depressive tones always gives me chills in a beautiful way but I did think the performance set as a whole was quite dull and it as a shame. To start, it was magical how the audience went quite to listen but after 10 minutes of very same-y music with no change up, people ruined the moment and the magic was lost. Perhaps, not the correct audience, stage set up or sheer venue size.

Olly Murs: I love Olly and having seen him multiple times, I was expecting him to be a little boring but without a doubt he is a born entertainer. He just knows how to captivate and keep people with him. His set was so interactive and he had the biggest crowd involvement of the night. Personally, I loved his duet with Louisa the most, having not seen it before!

This is by no means all the artists that sang which is incredible when you think about it. There were so many people under one roof - or lack of, thank you sun! All incredible stars in their own right. These are just a few of the names that were released ahead of tickets selling. 

Others included multiple DJs (I'm not particularly a fan), JP Cooper and the likes of, surprise appearances from Hailee Steinfeld (say what!?), new boy band 5 after midnight, a sick Julia Michaels (stunning) and I'm sure I'm missed so many more! 

I'm always in awe of how these massive shows come together and despite the microphone volume problems throughout the night, I had an incredible afternoon and evening. 8 hours of music defintely takes it's toll though and I was exhausted! 


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