Holiday Swimming Costumes! / Cape Verde

This week's blog series have been all about my Cape Verde holiday to Sal! I absolutely loved my time there and so I have made a complete week full of holiday inspired posts.

On Monday, I posted my holiday vlogs and some behind the scene pictures. Click here to watch the vlog, see below or visit my YouTube channel.

On Tuesday, I shared my Holiday Outfits of the Day, followed my evening outfits on Wednesday.

Thursday's post was dedicated to a very special lady, who is on YouTube. Mrs Bonnie Hoellein has inspired me in ways I never thought were possible and it would mean the world to me if you read yesterday's post if you haven't already.

So on to today's which leads on from yesterdays and I am sharing my holiday swimming costume collection!

Floral Swimming Costume 

Flowy Blue Lace Bikini 

Orange Bikini

Blue Bikini

Floral Tankini - Forgot to take a picture sorry!