Cape Verde Holiday!

I can't believe I've already had my holiday for the year and it's all over. I had such a wonderful time and it was really special to spend some one on one time with my mother.

Today, I uploaded a beautiful song over the top of my Cape Verde travel diary video, aka the highlights of my trip. Click here to see or watch below.

Having said that I have also uploaded 6 other daily vlogs from the trip so be sure to head over to my YouTube channel to catch up! Or click on each of the pictures of the thumbnails below.
Day 1 was spent traveling hence being completely exhausted and after unpacking, going to bed early. Day 2 was spent exploring the hotel, especially the room and food! Yum! The hotel is beautiful!
 My favourite thing to do on holiday is to sunbathe, swim and read! This year I read 7 books and thoroughly enjoyed watching all the animals roam the poolside. I also tried out my new Go Pro Hero 5 BLACK underwater!
This trip was more of a relaxing vacation so we didn't leave the resort much. We did however go on a catamaran out into the sea to snorkel with the fish and enjoy the waves!
Heaven on Earth. White beaches, stunning waves. As cliche as it sound, the sun, sea and sand are all I wanted this year. I love listening to the waves crash against the sand and feeling them wrap around my toes.
The evening entertainment at the hotel included a show every night. Sometimes it was just music and others it was a full on dance show. Here are a few little clips from each night. 

Day 1 - Fashion Show and African Show; Day 2 - Pair of Singers; Day 3 - Cape Verdean Show ; Day 4 - Portugese Man; Day 5 - Grease; Day 6 - Musicals 
The last day is always the saddest but we got to see the most beautiful sunrise - the best all holiday! - on the journey into England. Despite the delay, we landed safe and sound having enjoyed a beautiful Cape Verdean holiday!

I have so many pictures but I think I'll wait to share them for a bit because there are so many! If you want to see the full album, click here or head to my Instagram to see some of my favourites! :)

Where are you going on holiday this year?