Coasts Concert!

I love concerts which I think is totally apparent from the sheer number I attend but they are seriously my happy place. I love being in an environment where everyone loves something in unison.

Click here to see the concert of when I went to see Coasts!

I have a new camera which seemed to be fine but this is the first time I've used it at a concert and the footage turned out terrible. I even questioned as to whether I should even edit and upload it but who really watched my concert vlogs? It's really just be and I want to be able to look back and remember some of the songs. Albeit, they are terrible and sound god awful. I hate it...

The show was originally supposed to be at a different venue but the alternative of Heaven Nightclub was the final venue and given recent events, I felt reasonably comfortable walking in and having to go through 3 security checks.

River Matthews opened the show and personally, I liked the first half of each song but I did think he over sang a lot of them. Obviously, that's just his preference and his training and it works for him but it did admittedly hurt my ears a little. Having said that I thought he was very sweet and continued the show despite people rudely talking over him.

I'd never heard of the opening band, Kovic, but I really liked them! I think they are very similar to Coasts themselves but unfortunately, the drums and base were far too loud. I actually think that because I was so close to the speakers, that's what's overbearingly heard on the video. It's a shame. But no, honestly, they were so good! They had incredible stage presence. The lead singer defintely knows how to work a crowd and he sure made me laugh later on when he totally bombarded the Coasts set to crowd surf!

Then it was time for the main act. Coasts came on stage and boy... I didn't realise how many people were involved in the band! I think there were at least 6 altogether and it was really quite beautiful to see.
Set up was interesting as they tied flowers to the microphone stands and threw them over the front stage. I thought it was very sweet when some band members gave them out to members of the audience. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get one.
For me, the venue wasn't great. I'm used to going to The O2 arena and having a seat or quieter shows. The only comparison I had for a nightclub based concert was Lawson and I loved that evening. But this was a bit different. It was defintely a nightclub concert and the audience was very different. There was lots of noise and pushing and shoving during the show itself. There was beer and other drinks being flung and most shockingly, the audience was getting on each other's shoulders!
I thought I had the perfect viewing platform to see the concert but it ended up being pretty bad. I had the perfect spot for the opening acts. I managed to rest against a wall with a clear view of the stage that was uninterrupted. A security guard stood to the side and was keeping a corridor free next to the stage for staircase access but just before the show started he suddenly moved onto the staircase which blocked half of the stage from my view and then he started letting people move into the gap so I was super crowded very quickly. It didn't help my claustrophobia that it was also extremely hot.

Having said that, I was very impressed at how quickly the security guard dealt with a case of abuse and injury. he also gave out free bottles of water to everyone who requested one which I personally thought was a wonderful unique selling point.
The most annoying thing was the photographer and videographer. I can't even tell you how angry I got! Having seen the videos on Instagram I am quite impressed and I think they must be lovely for the band to look back on but I don't think it should be at the expense on the audience. Initially, there were two and for some reason, both were on the same staircase and literally blocked my entire view for half of the songs. Even when there was only one, she insisted and staying on the same side until the very end and it was a real shame. I could feel myself getting angrier and angrier despite myself and so I just didn't enjoy the concert as much as I normally do.

On the odd occasion all three of them did move to deal with something, I got a glimpse at another member of the band whom I hadn't originally noticed. There was so much going on, on the stage it was hard to know what to focus.
 I fell in love with the band when their album came up on my Spotify Discover Playlist, over a year ago. I listened to the first album over and over again before being thrilled by the announcement of a tour. I was devastated when I realised I was on holiday at the time so I HAD to make it to this one!
Despite my complaint, I am glad I did. I think the lead singer is pretty incredible. Not only does he capture the audience but he never seems to stop moving. I think they're all full of energy and I clearly didn't appreciate the dance nature of the songs until I saw them live. They are all so big!
Thank you Coasts for starting my birthday celebrations! It was so nice to have the first and second album mixed together plus a few unreleased songs! I can't wait to hear more, although your specific concerts aren't really my scene.