SimplyCook Review!

I love cooking but I also love keeping and making my life simple. Especially when I'm cooking for one or quite simply, in my university flat where the kitchen is pretty small.

I tried Simply Cook and while it wasn't quite what I expected I was quietly pleased with how my meals turned out.

I really liked how I could complete my personal profile online with dietary preferences and then select specific meals that I liked. Delivery was fast and ordering was simple. The box came with the perfect quantities of seasonings and the size fit through post box meaning I didn't need to be waiting for it and it was delivered while I was out.

I defintely think it takes me out of my comfort zone with little extra and unique flavours to escape my comfort zone and actually explore more variety.

Not only that but the recipe cards that came with it are simple for follow. Plus, they are perfect to keep and reuse as they come in a very stylish format to keep forever.

I’ve been loving my SimplyCook boxes and thought you might like to try them too. If you use my link below you can get your first introductory box for just £1 and I’ll get a reward too!

Your first SimplyCook box will contain 4 really tasty recipe kits with easy to follow recipes and all the key ‘chef’s ingredients’- anything that’s tricky to prepare, hard to find or expensive to buy on a one off basis. All you have to do is add a few basic fresh items (which you probably have already) and you’ll be able to cook an exciting new, restaurant quality meal in around 20 minutes. Worth a try!