My "Best of 2019" - Pictures Explained!

Here’s my Best Nine of 2019. I love this tradition of looking back on photos from the year. This year has been eventful to say the least and beyond anything I ever imagined.

  1. I finished my course of roaccutane and am beyond overjoyed to feel somewhat confident in my skin. I loved going on my first girl’s holiday to Croatia and not being self-conscious.
  2. I became President of the Nursing and Midwifery Association and have loved taking the society from strength to strength. Our Narnia Christmas Formal was a huge success!
  3. Whilst being in a house of all girls can have it’s stresses, it’s lovely to be able to spend time together and bond over similar experiences in both life, theory and placement.
  4. We lost “our bonus pup” Tilly somewhat shockingly. I don’t think her sister, Holly, will ever quite recover from it, but she’s hanging in there and getting spoilt with love and attention.
  5. I went to my first pumpkin patch and although it was muddy and busy, I can’t wait to go back.
  6. I unexpectedly fell in love and found my happy place in life.
  7. Midwifery is a huge passion of mine. I love university and I love placement. I also - apparently - love being ridiculously busy and doing lots of extracurricular activities, including being a part of my first big research project. Data collection was exciting, data analysis a bore but now the hard parts over we can present and publish our work and it feels great.
  8. My family met my favourite person and it made my year that they all approved.
  9. I loved having someone to spoil on their birthday. I managed to convince him to celebrate and even made my first birthday cake: a special lemon drizzle! 

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