My 'Best of 2015' - Pictures Explained

I saw these going around Instagram for the last few days and finally decided to get one for myself. It wasn't anywhere near as easy as I thought it would be. I thought it would just have a link on the Amazon app but no. 

I did a quick Google search to find the website and so if you too want to find your 9 most 'liked' and popular photos of 2015 on Instagram just click or visit There it is pretty easy to follow and they have the instructions clear to follow. I found it a little odd you could type in any Instagram username, not just your own, but if you have friends or favourite celebrities you could look up their's too! On the main page, you can also see the top 10 celebrity pictures.

Here is the page with the instructions

So here's mine:

  1. So the first photo is me lounging on the sofa in, what was, my brand new Trixin Clothing dress. I did a haul post of the other items I got from Trixin Clothing which you can view if you want. It also includes a little review on the quality. I've literally worn all the items so many times and since then, I've been desperate to get some new purchases but the customs charge totally puts me off.
  2. This photo was my first YouTube Meet and Greet! I was out and about in London at a Tanya Burr (another YouTuber) book signing at Waterstones so when Niomi Smart announced she was going to be taking photos at Bare Minerals, I decided to go along. I love Bare Minerals and it's the only make up I've ever worn so to get some freebies, as well as have the crazy YouTube experience was cool.
  3. I think the simple use of the #YouTube seriously gets you places. I made a video for everyday I was in Egypt over the summer. I'm not saying that they are brilliant because they certainly aren't. I quickly put together seven videos in a day and I just like them for the memories. If you do want to see them, I made a playlist here
  4. My second YouTube Meet and Greet was a much better experience. It was with the amazing Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly and I loved it. They were so kind and patient and gave the biggest hugs. Plus they raised money for a good cause. It was perfect! 
  5. Again another YouTube-related picture was with Tanya Burr's Glamour magazine. It was a nice read but I was so excited I got it because everyone had been so hyped about it and I was interested to see not only the supposedly sexy pictures but to read the article in depth.
  6. Ahh...this picture was a celebrity related photo as well, which I don't ever post, but I've been hating all the red carpet looks so much recently so when I saw these two and liked not only the hair, make up, shoes...but the dress too(!) I had to share. All the dresses this year have been very risqué and I personally, just don't see the need. I think women look gorgeous and even more beautiful with just that little more covered up. It doesn't need to be floor length and neck high, but leave something to the imagination! 
  7. How could I forget one of the longest days of my life. A trip of a lifetime to Cairo on our Egypt trip to Sharm el Sheikh was incredible. To witness all the pyramids up close was incredible. I would just like to say that my heart goes out to all the tourists that went to the exact same places as I did and got shot at. I am so lucky that I went when I did, because just a few months later, Britons lives were lost. 
  8. I think this is probably one of my personal favourite pictures. Not necessarily because of the memory but because seriously, could this firework picture get any better. I was so amazed at the quality of my photo taking skills that I could almost cry, even now! This photo is of when I went to Victoria Park the weekend following Bonfire Night to see the fireworks. The show was spectacular. I even managed to record some clips which you can see here and here. It was amazing because all the fireworks were timed to go off with the music beat. 
  9. My final picture is also one of my most recent happy memories. The photo is a little blurry because this is actually a still from a video (click to see the full version on YouTube). I had an incredible experience at the Jingle Bell Ball.
And that's it! I guess it was actually quite nice to refresh my memory of some of the experiences I've had over the past year. Even though I may not pick these ones as my particularly happiest or memorable or main activities this year, it certainly opens my eyes to aspects of my life. 

What I do find funny is that most of them are based off YouTube! It just shows you how popular it is becoming! 

Speak next year! Love always, Hannah x

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