Blog Update

So after the events of this year I've decided that I'm going to make my current blog permanently private. I'm going to use that blog for the original purpose as a diary entry for myself. It will still be available for others to read but only if I add them by email addresses. If you want to have access to my daily life updates, feel free to message me your emails on any of my social media accounts underneath the 'Stay Connected' button on the side.

I have now transferred all my non-diary related posts to the blog I had first, this one! This blog is called hansla1000, and as I never deleted it, it has my very first posts on! Posts will included those such as Hauls, Reviews, Recipes, TAGs, Medic Related and Special Occasions. Feel free to let me know if you would like any of the other posts to be featured on this public blog.

Even though I have transferred the posts, the links within the posts are still linked back to the original posts so unfortunately I haven't edited these just yet. I didn't realise how many posts I had written on Hauls! It took a lot longer than I had ever expected but I will hopefully have these removed and changed soon.

Happy reading! :)