Homemade Advent Calendar!

I ended up leaving my advent calendar at home because...well just because I'm stupid but I love counting down till Christmas so I asked my mum to write me a riddle and hide a chocolate every day. In my mind, I thought she would write like a rhyming one but she made them a little too easier. I'm still proud she did it though!

Day 1:
You will find door number twenty, in the cabinet where food is kept warm for a Christmas feast
Heater trolley!

Day 2:
Morning, find me in the lounge, the only clue is, it's in the house.
It was behind a card with a picture of a little house on.
Day 3:
Your chocolate for free, it is beside the tree Find the star and you will find me. 

We have so many Christmas tree's it was hard to narrow down, but in the kitchen it was wrapped around the decorative sparkly silver tree star.

Day 4: 
If you find Rudolf you will find me
It was on our cute little reindeer's tail in the lounge. 

Day 5:
In the dog house I will be between, 2 snowmen cozy so can be. 
 It was in the dogs side of the conservatory just above the mirror in between some snowmen mum bought from a charity.