I finally got around to entering the Tanya Burr competition that Glamour Magazine UK is running.

As the competition has no finished completely and the magazine is no longer available to purchase I thought it would be fine to post the full article for those who missed it.

I would love tea with Tanya because... she seems the sweetest person and I would love to eat cake while she teaches me all things make-up - she always looks flawless! 
I doubt I will win because what are the chances. Plus I would feel kind of bad because some fans are literally crying to meet up so... I think her make-up is always amazing and immaculate so I would love to hear advice from her. I literally do non of the fancy things. I don't do concealer or bronzer, no highlighter or contouring; no eyebrows or mascara. It would be my dream to learn how to do really pretty eye make-up; I want to be able to do a really cute smoky eye with a winged eye-liner but I have yet to get anywhere close to eat looking good. It is always so light and looks like a massive bruise! 

We will find out by so stay tuned! ;)