Christmas Presents for the Family!

For my sister, Jessica, these cute DIY candles. I made a quick post on how to make them here :)

I also got a last minute gift bag from Lush for her, called Buttercup. It was cheap, sweet and cheerful in her favourite colour of yellow.
'Make someone's day with this beautiful duo of sweet goodies. We've brought together two of our biggest sellers to soothe and soften: our gorgeous cocoa butter Butterball bath bomb, and a slice of Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Just the thing to leave you smelling good enough to eat.'

For my 'Old Guy' aka dad some gardening tools for his biggest passion in life.
 For my niece, Bop, a colouring book and some jigsaws. I have some clothes on order but as I'm not seeing her for another month I didn't see any point in rushing to be honest.
 For my mum, this beautiful wreath. Also from Winter Wonderland and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it did get a little mis-shappened on the train home :(
She also seemed pretty annoyed that I gave her is early so I decided to add a few little extras to quickly wrap for her to open. A new apron to where over the Christmas season and a few new tea towels because all of ours are so old and tattered it's ridiculous.

For my sister, Victoria, some oven gloves and salad 'hands'. I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped them but they look like this.

Finally, my favourite Christmas wrapping paper from Carr Gate :)