DIY: Candles for Christmas!

So I wasn't planning on doing a DIY post on these candles but I thought they turned out super cute so just a quick 'how to'.

The Holders - Alternatives
            Original Method
  1. I bought some simple clouded glass votives from Hobbycraft but you can get them from all over...seriosuly!
  2. I then bought transfer paper and printed some images off on it from the internet. 
  3. Using my hair dryer, then quickly position, heat and peel away.
  4. Admire the cuteness!
These then broke on my journey home :(

            Alternative Method
    So I ended up buying these straight from Carr Gate. I still think they're cute but obviously a little more expensive and less thoughtful. I actually think the DIY ones were just as nice but you'll just have to take my word. 

    The Candles
    I found and fell in love with these candles when I went to Winter Wonderland on Wednesday. The company is called Alexander Interiors. You can buy a complete item like the one below or bags of the wax crystals and wicks and make your own candles which is way more affordable.

    But the real reason I fell in love with them is because they float! Like seriously how cool is this?!

    After placing the wax crystals and wicks in the holders I put them back in the box that the votive came in. 
    Please bare in mind, I did have double the quantity! :(

     Then I just tied some ribbon around it :)


    NB: If you want more detail on how to use the transfer paper, I originally got the idea from Brooke on WhatsUpMoms. You can also see the video below if you skip to 1.31 :)