Family Christmas Tag!

For an extra special, early Christmas morning treat, I thought it would be fun to do this tag :)

So originally this tag was made by Zoe Sugg, of Zoella on YouTube. She made it as a friends tag but I think I'm going to keep mine who comes to the traditional Christmas day. Maybe next year I will do a Friends Tag :)

Who would bring the best dessert?
Aunty Susie - he chocolate cake is to die for!

Who would carve the turkey?
Uncle Jonathan - because he's the man of the family.

Who would take the best photos?
Me - I'm literally the only one in the family who takes photo's.

Who would look the most glam?
Eleanor - if she tries, she looks stunning; Ellie goes from trackies to ballgown.

Who would have the tackiest Christmas jumper?
Aunty Susie - have you seen the clothes she wears sometimes, once she came out in a crop top :|

Who would make the worst Christmas jokes?
Stuart - he's so not funny, in my sense of all.

Who would fall asleep first?
Emma - because she usually is!

Who would be the last one dancing?
Mum - she's always singing and dancing.

Who would bring the worst gift?
Stuart - he doesn't do presents, he just expects everyone else to bring them for him.

Who would be in charge of Christmas music?
Me - I have spotify and the speakers so I tend to set up a playlist.

Who would be in charge of Christmas dinner?
Mum - always, always, always. Although, Emma says she's going to help a little this year so we shall see ;)

Who would make the best snowman?
Emma - I feel like growing up in the early years, I had snow every Christmas, but haven't had them for a while and as far as I know have never made a snowman. Emma had more snow for more years so I feel like she would have more practice. The oldies, wouldn't be bothered.

Who would win at all the games?
Grandma - she's so clever and on it, she would easily win the intelectual dresses but not so much the TV/movies.

Who is most likely to knock over the Christmas tree?
Jessica - 100% she's known for being clumsy; as a kid she would knock down a glass every meal and break something at least once a day.

Who would be the best Santa impersonator?
We've never really done Santa impersonators and I can't really think of anybody filling the role right now but in the future I think Deleep, Emma's boyfriend would be really good at it. I can't see Emma going to his parents house so I think he would come here and could easily be Santa.