Luke's Trip to London!

A lovely first trip away with my boyfriend called for London!
We ended up staying a little further a field in Wimbledon. It's not quite central London but it's still super close and easy transport and about a quarter of the price so we ended up going down for a full 3 days. We headed down super early on Saturday morning and came back late on Monday evening, which worked out well.

On the first day we headed to the British Museum. It is absolutely huge and was super warm. History and cultural things are really not for me but it was free and Luke was desperate to go, so I was more than happy to see him happy.

Afterwards, we walked past my old stomping grounds of UCL and then up to Camden Market. I usually go on a weekday and never at Christmas so it was a heck of a lot busier than I'm used to, but I eventually found my favourite Naked Dough shop!

Following on, we ended up going to Leicester Square and the Christmas Market, then wondered through Oxford Circus before have tea at Vapiano's. The food was terrible and I'm making a complaint but we ended the night on a huge high with School of Rock: The Musical. Review coming soon!

The next day, we managed to get a little lie in and headed over to my cousin's house for a brunch double date with her and her fiance. It was actually really lovely and there were so many places to go near them. Plus I love their flat.

By the time we'd finished there, it was almost the afternoon so we headed straight to Buckingham Palace to do some tourist attractions. We walked past Downing Street and Parliament, went to the British Art Gallery, then along the River Thames before heading up to the Sky Gardens. After a visit there, we headed back to the hotel, quickly got changed and then walked to The Ivy, Wimbledon for tea at my favourite restaurant.

To finish our weekend away, we went to Covent Garden and then finished the Christmas trip with Winter Wonderland! Then we headed back to the hotel to have tea, before getting the train back to Nottingham.