Where Have I Been? September - November Summary!

In my first blog post back in 3 months, I shared that life got a little hectic. I barely took pictures, let along recorded clips so here is the tiniest vlog I've ever uploaded to share some of the big events, but I also thought I'd share what I have been up to, very briefly since my summer in Croatia, Wales and with family. Here's a quick summary of events and then I'm splitting December up over the next few posts because a lot happened!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

The academic year started with my in Chesterfield. I had another 6 weeks of placement so was once again splitting my time between the two places. In my off time, I spent it working at 4 different fresher's fairs and running a couple of archery taster sessions.

I also met my boyfriends family for the first time - all of them sprung on me in the space of a few hours - went house hunting and enjoyed a home cooked meal.
My housemates and I celebrated one of my housemates birthdays. The first to turn 21!

Despite working long, somewhat random shifts, I still made time for dating and I was very lucky that he had some holiday's saved up so we managed to go on dates throughout the week. We went to Bradgate Park for a walk, had brunch and explored the Nottingham Caves and went to Matlock.

In October, Archery somewhat took over my life: socials, shooting and friendlies. Plus, I celebrated Halloween with my first Pumpkin Patch and carving pumpkins with Luke. The next month began with fireworks!
I finished my placement of the year by catching twins, baby number 40 and 41, and it was made even more special by it being my caseholding lady. For those that don't know about caseholding, I've discussed it a couple of times but you basically follow a woman through their care antenatally, intrapartum and postnatally. It's amazing! Whilst being on call, my mum came to surprise me in Chesterfield and we went out for tea.

I amazingly got on a trip to Norway, which you can read all about in last week's post, but I also went to a Pumpkin Patch and ran a Bake Sale for my society.

November meant some more society activities with bowling and Knit and Knatter. I am loving getting back into knitting and can't wait to finish my rabbit!

We also went out with friends for both Bonfire Night and for my boyfriend's birthday. I did record some clips of them both, but he doesn't want to be on YouTube so they are in a private vlog, alongside a trip I took to London to see my sister and her family.

Finally, we went to the Bakewell Christmas markets and I also took him home to meet my mum's side of the family for the first time. I think it went successfully! The Nottingham Christmas markets were our final call as we started the new month!