2019 Rewind!

2019 was a big year for me and I so many things happened that I never expected. It was filled with so many highs, as well as a couple of lows. It was beyond anything I ever imagined and I was overjoyed to celebrate as I ended the year with loved ones. Here's a recap of one of my favourite year's to date.
I started the year with a small gathering at home with friends and family. Before heading back to Nottingham, we had a girls date to a newly opened Ivy in Leeds. Despite having some hard days with my housemates and feeling completely heartbroken at times, the month ended on a high, with an open mic night with my neighbours. It gave me a chance to relax and reset.

The first day of the month marked my first assessment of being a second year student midwife. To celebrate, my course mates and I headed to a Chinese buffet in town, Cosmo. February marked the month I started talking to my first serious crush every day for the rest of the year. My Valentine's date to Wildwood was super cute. My sister celebrated her 21st birthday at home with the best photobooth. The Rhubarb Show called for another trip home to the farm and I finally got my own bow!

The Nursing and Midwifery Association (NMA) Boat Party was a huge disappointment. I went on not one, but two first dates. I started placement in Chesterfield, learning a new trust and city. We had the cutest housemate trip out to a nearby forest and when we had a day off placement, we celebrated Vicki's birthday in the sun, at a pub.

I officially got a boyfriend. We celebrated Vicki's birthday at the fabulous Petit Paris, followed by a treat at The Pudding Pantry. I had my very first outdoor archery session, which was so much fun! I went to Wakefield for an Easter BBQ and a lovely catch up with my aunt and cousin, plus we got to see her new home! Then had 3 mate dates in one day with some of my favourite high school friends. Finally, the month ended with another successful Sponsored Point-to-Point, this time without mum for the very first time.

The university celebrated the International Day of the Midwife with a pamper self-love conference. Bea and I got to celebrate the first steps in out research project on televising childbirth. The NMA held a stall for Welfare Week and raised money for Rainbows with a charity bake sale. Caseholding continue to inspire me to achieve continuity of carer. I went to visit my friends and my then "secret boyfriend" at an archery competition. Bea and I also went to Liverpool for an all expenses paid trip to the RCN Congress. I also went home for a long weekend to house sit and look after the dogs. My boyfriend came for a day and we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I took my grandma out on a fish and chips date.

June began with a celebratory evening for an awards ceremony. I organised my very first Ball from scratch. The Nottingham Tennis Championships was a complete and utter fail and the Raleigh Park Summer Ball was even worse. I celebrated my 23rd birthday with friends, family and my boyfriend. I also said goodbye to one of my favourite people as she left for a year abroad to France and Austria.

Wimbledon is always a highlight of the year and spending the day walking around before watching the match the day after, in the sunshine was perfect. Luke took me on a date to Markeaton Park where we headed to a classic car show and he rowed a boat on the lake, in the most romantic and picturesque way. The next week we headed to Skegness for the longest beach day, followed by a circus. We lost our bonus pup, which shocked us all to the core. I headed home for a day at the Yorkshire Show. Amazingly, my shifts worked out perfectly so I could spend an entire week with family in Wiltshire, learning and seeing my family history. Finally, I spent a weekend dating my love. We went on a double date to Alton Towers and got absolutely drenched, then went to Twycross Zoo to enjoy the animals, before ending with Grace Dieu Priory walk and a yummy meal.

My first Nottingham Riverside Festival was super fun. I had a huge drastic haircut. I went to London for the day to see Waitress the Musical and explore my favourite stomping grounds, before heading to my sisters to see her and the family for the weekend. Then I headed to Cambridge, where I explored the town and then flew to Croatia on my first girls trip ever. I then spent some time in Yorkshire, enjoying the sun with a family BBQ and a swimming trip. I ended the month in Wales, spending a week with my dad.

I reunited with my love on a brunch date, then we explored the underground caves of Nottingham. Luke made his debut on my Instagram after he took a much longed after selfie of us together. We went on so many amazing dates, including one to Bradgate Park where we walked and saw the prettiest view. I celebrated Bea's birthday with everyone home for the night.

Fresher's week was crazy busy. I headed up two stalls and talked to so many people, followed by a 3 night shifts, then repeated the process the next week. I also managed to fit in an archery taster session and then began coaching on the beginners course. Archery socials took over my free time, with a bowling trip, a pub meal, Goosefair and a pub quiz night. I am so grateful I found my people with them. Mum visited me in Chesterfield before another three night shifts. Luke took me to my first pumpkin patch and we went on a lovely date to Ask. Finally, I finished placement a week early and ended up going on the first Midwifery study trip to Norway!

The NMA continued to raise money for Rainbows with the first bake sale of the academic year. I dragged Luke to Wakefield to meet my family for the first time. We headed to Forest Recreational Grounds for the fireworks with both my housemates and people from archery. I spent a weekend with my sister and her family, plus I found out my other sister is pregnant with her first baby. I celebrated my boyfriends birthday and loved spoiling him, including baking my first birthday cake: a special lemon drizzle! Then we started celebrating Christmas with a trip to Bakewell and the Nottingham Christmas Market.

December was my busiest month of all time! I started the month travelling back North for the family reunion. We had a fun archery photoshoot, an ice skating social, a Christmas fun shoot and a fancy meal at Pitcher and Piano, where we also did my first secret santa of the year. The second was a cohort version, before starting the last teaching day of the year with episiotomies. The NMA started our Knit and Knatter sessions...finally...and we hosted a charity raffle fundraiser which was a lot of fun. We also had a Narnia Christmas Formal which was a lot of fun. Conservatives got voted in again! Luke (proudly?) took me to his work Christmas do in Coventry. We had our first weekend away to London where we busily fitted a heck of a lot in and then I frantically revised for my last ever exam as a student midwife. To celebrate, my housemates had our own Christmas and enjoyed a full meal with presents from an amazing secret santa round, then once again, I took Luke to meet family...this time the other side, in Wales. Christmas then hit as I celebrated in Wakefield with Christmas Day at home and Boxing Day at Oulton Hall. We organised a cousin date instead of presents this year, and before I headed back to Nottingham, I met Alice for a lunch date. To end the year, I spent it with the one I love for the very first time. We had a small party at a friends party, then watched the fireworks (2 minutes late) to bring in the new year.

I also made a little video so click here to watch!