Christmas Before Christmas!

December was another busy month for me!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

The month began with a trip to Wakefield to celebrate Christmas with my mum's side of the family and an annual reunion. Of course, beforehand we headed to the graveyard to lay wreaths on the family graves.

Archery celebrated Christmas with a Christmas meal at Pitcher and Piano, a Secret Santa run by me, a fun shoot and an ice skating social!

Meanwhile, at university, we also ran a small Secret Santa, which was super fun to open before episiotomy practice began.

The NMA ran a Narnia Christmas Formal which was so much fun and then we raised almost £250 with out charity raffle night!

The last few weeks were spent revising hard for a ridiculous exam of seen questions and memorising essays but it was gratefully split up. I'm actually super sad I didn't record more!

Luke and I took a trip to London where we were super busy being tourists. I might share this trip in a separate post because it was so much fun and I would love to share more pictures.

He also dragged me along to his work Christmas do, which amazingly was an all expenses paid hotel stay in Coventry, including breakfast and evening meal with disco and an open bar! It was lovely.

To celebrate the end of the exam, my housemates and I had our own Christmas celebration before all heading home for Christmas.

Finally, my last few days before Christmas were spent in Wales with my dad's family...although missing my second oldest sister and her partner. Again, I'll share this in a separate post soon!