Late Christmas Present Haul!

I think this may be my last Christmas post of the season...which is kind of sad but also I'm kind of ready. We took down all the decorations on the 6th January, which we do every year, on the 12th day after Christmas which we do every year.

When I got to my dad's house, over the course of the weekend, I got a load of new Christmas presents!

Some friends called Peter and Angela got me some super sweet ankle socks. Now some may say that socks are boring but they are so incredibly useful I don't care!

My Aunty Sarah and Uncle David (dad's brother) got me some chocolates and some bath supplies from The Body Shop. I always get these cute little 'baubles' for friends and I seriously think they are adorable. 

My sister, Victoria, is the best at getting presents and always knows what I want, before I even know myself! This year was no different as she and her little family of 3 got me a selfie stick which I love and a cardigan. 
Wearing the jacket
If anyone knows or follows my Instagram, I take a ridiculous amount of selfies and while most the time it's literally just me my sister wants to see context apparently! I'm not complaining though because I've wanted one since the trend of 2014! This one seems to be on the cheaper side - she said it was a late addition as a joke present - because it doesn't have a button to take the picture so you do have to set the timer but that's perfectly fine for me because I mainly take them on my phone anyway and there is a 3 and 10 second photo delay option.

I haven't quite got used to holding the camera still but these are the first two pictures I've taken with it. I can see how it may come in useful but I'm not quite sure I love this version just yet. 

The jacket is seriously gorgeous. It's in a gorgeous red colour with white specks in and the inside is so soft and cozy, I'm in love. Every time I come to her house, I 'borrow' slash steal(!) her red coat which is similar. She seemed disappointed she couldn't find a similar COAT itself but I love it so much. I would probably not end up wearing the coat anyway because I like to be matching but the jacked I will for sure :)