My Most Expensive Haul: Jack Wills, Victoria Secret PINK and The White Company

I know I've had a lot of haul's recently and I'm not quite sure where I'm finding the money myself, but I think this will be my last one for a while...maybe! >.< 

I went to Leeds with my mum and sister before coming back to university and I think it was my most expensive shopping trip ever! I bought some goodies from Jack Wills - my first time ever! -, Victoria Secret, The White Company, Charbonnel Et Walker and also Sweaty Betty (kind of). 

From Sweaty Betty I didn't buy anything for myself but my mum got some leggings. I think I could have bought the whole store if I'd let myself because it was all workout clothes and it was so cute! I seriously had to restrain myself.

 From Charbonnel Et Walker I bought some chocolates for my sister birthday. While I would never spend £1 per chocolate on myself, I do think they have very cute wrapping.

 From The White Company I bought possibly the sweetest book ever, called 'You' by Emma Dodd, for my niece Bop. I think it's so cute

From Jack Wills I tried on a number of items. I fell in love with one dress here  but unfortunately they just didn't have it in my size. I've looked for it online and it just doesn't seem to be available anywhere :( It was a gorgeous navy blue dress that was so cute, if it's available in your size, get it!

I ended up purchasing this cute black dress which also has pockets and is similar to the blue but has a higher neckline and is black...which I didn't want.

 Then I got two fairly similar and simple t-shirts which you can never have enough off. One is cream with 'Wills' in red and the other is dark grey with another Jack Wills reference.

 From Victoria Secret PINK!, I finally spent the last of the money I got from Christmas last year, as in 2014 and I finally found a comfy sports bra that works! This bra is super cute in grey so it will go with everything and not show sweat marks all that clearly; it goes on like a back back and then in has a normal bra on the inside which clips at the front and then the part that makes it a 'sports' bra is the outer cover which easily zips up. I jumped on the spot the test it out and it worked perfectly! As I'm on the larger side when it comes to my chest (32E) I find it so hard to find bra's that fit. Although this isn't perfect, this specific product seemed to fit in a 34DDD, which I didn't even know existed. I tried on 3 other bra's in the same size and they were way to small on the cup so I'm just glad at least one did!
 I also bought some super cute but simple joggers in black with a white side strip. I thought it was so funny that they were called 'college' joggers because clearly, it's all the lazy student wears. If you do want to buy these I would just say to get a size smaller that usual because they are massive! I ended up getting a size Small and they are still baggy but not hanging off of me. (PS. Sorry I can't find a link for this but all the other products are.)

Hope you enjoyed this little random haul :)