Christmas Decoration Haul! (Bargain Hunt)

I went to a little garden centre near to where I live called Carr Gate and bought some Christmas decorations which they were on sale. I don't have any decorations that I call my own except a small Christmas tree and the decorations that are on that. All these decorations were bargains with 80% off.

First I got this cute little reindeer. Every time I've seen these I've thought that they were adorable but never been able to convince myself to spend that much. These were only £4 so I had to!
I like cute little sayings and so that's what the next two 'signs' were.

The first being almost a book stopper saying 'PEACE to all on Christmas' but it's just simple and easy.
The second being this door hanging sign that says: 'This Christmas bring joy to your heart: love, friends and home'. I think it's super adorable especially the home part.
This last one I didn't actually buy but it's a Christmas card that the family got. I love it because it's the London underground (not exact) but all the paces have Christmassy names. I've bought a cute white box frame which I'm going to put it in.

And that's it! I didn't go overboard at all and I know I'll reuse all these decorations in years to come!


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