Teen Mom OG - Season 7 Episode 4

(Screenshots from MTV and opinions my own)

Amber overreacted as usual. She should be happy that Leah had such great people looking after her that makes her feel comfortable. I think Amber is a good mum but I think Gary is a great dad who was forced to step up to the plate. And he did. 

Plus her fiancée is super creepy. He literally pushed the little boy out of the way and just walked off. If I was his mum I would have flipped. I'm looking forward to hearing about all of his children that he has. Sounds like he at least has 2 but in the trailer I heard the mention of 7 so we shall see...

I'm always so torn with Farrah. I love her because I think she's so real and my heart broke when Sophia said she wanted to die in order to  meet Derek but I still can't help but feel it's way over dramatised. I can't help but think that it's her acting to get more attention. I've never really understood the relationship with her and Derek as he didn't even know she was pregnant 6 months in so clearly they weren't talking when he died. I think deep down, although she'll never admit it, she feels guilty for not telling him the truth and forgiving whatever came between them.

Cate and Ty were as supportive of each other as ever. I can't wait for their wedding! Seriously confused by Brandon and Teresa because I don't see how they're going to prevent people from meeting Carly in a group setting. They signed up for family meeting eventually so I'm thinking, to some extent, they should have prepared for it. I feel bad for Bruce because they're using the show against him. Had it not been filmed, they wouldn't have known how Bruce treated them ect. so I don't think it's right to use it against him.

I loved that Tyler opened up this week. His suicide story was surprisingly honest but honest and I think it really hit home with Bruce. I really hope he keeps up all the good work. On a side note, if Carly really did call him dad I love it. Hopefully when Carly is allowed to decide for herself she'll want to be a bigger part of their lives.

I love Maci and always have but the last few episodes she's left the kids a lot which I've found interesting. I think she handles herself with Ryan very well. I found it so funny that Maci was talking about reducing Ryan's custody to that of a normal arrangement - every other weekend throughout school which is completely understandable because during school week you don't spend that much time with your children - last episode and this week Ryan is saying he deserves more. It always seems to be his parents doing the work anyway so not too sure how he thinks that's going to happen.

I love how he blames Maci for Bentley having friends too. Like really?! And after all that he leaves Bentley waiting at school and he looks so sad in the back of the car when he finally does. Bentley is literally the sweetest child and when he says 'No but you can' I was just thinking, that is all Maci parenting. That right there, is all Maci.

Hopefully the next episode will be just as exciting! What did you think?