Shadowhunters - TV Show (Review)

Seriously disappointed about this show and not only that, but I feel deeply sorry for Cassandra Clare. After writing what can only be described as one of the best teen fiction book series, a mediocre film was released and then a terrible and rushed TV show followed.

Don't get me wrong I liked the movie. I thought they stayed very true to the novel and the casting was almost prefect. I can't imagine anyone else playing those roles at all now. However it was somewhat lacklustre and didn't quite make me fall in love with the story. I'm not sure whether it was Jace's character being too aggressive or the fact that it seemed almost predictable, the action just wasn't conveyed as effectively as hoped.

The TV show aired in America on the 12th February and followed on Netflix the following day for the rest of the world. I was initially shocked that the show began with the storyline from City of Bones. Having had this covered in the film, I had anticipated and was under the impression it would be starting from the basis that Clary and Jace were denying their love having just got everyone back, all be it with one in a comatose state.

Initially I thought the show had very similar scenes to film but shorter. I hated that though because it felt rushed. The second episode actually was much better so it is growing on me.

The movie was directed to a young adult genre but I feel like the TV show is directed at more of a child/teen genre. I'm so far not enjoying the fact that they are changing some of the key aspects of the novel. They are trying to make the characters 'hotter'. For example, Clary's best friend is now a singer instead of poet and Hodge is young! Similarly, they've added some characters, like the love interest of Simon, and changed characters to be completely different.

Then there is the whole random Chernobyl add in. The director and screenwriter seemed determined to introduce as many characters, scenes and locations as possible. As a fan I was struggling to keep up so for those who haven't read the books, I think they would have been very confused. Nothing was fully developed or explained clearly.

I think one of the things I'm most disappointed about it is the poor graphics. It just seems like the whole show had been put together really rushed. The monsters and special effects were seriously terrible!

I love the book series so much I'm going to force myself to watch it. Admittedly over the course of the two episodes so far, it has gotten better so fingers crossed it keeps going. I'm hoping it will soon move on to the second book which will be the first screen adaptation so I won't have anything to compare it to. 

Are you watching it? What did you think?