My Christmas Present 2016 Haul!

Once again, I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too. Just like last year I got many presents and I can't wait to share them all with you! 
It's defintely weird growing up because so many of your gifts turn to money and gift cards. Granted, I did ask for money but I do like opening gifts too! 
I got so much chocolate! My mum got me a stocking full plus a selection box. Stuart, her boyfriend, also got my the same selection box. Jess, my sister got me some of my favourite biscuits and her boyfriend, Josh, picked me up a yule log. Let's just say I'm set.
For flatmas, my flatmates also got me presents but I left most of them back at uni. Zhangqi also got me a chocolate box along with a couple members of Stuart's family. Sophie went totally overboard. She got me a Lush bath bomb, some fluffy sock, lip gloss and the BEST pillow. It's so soft and snuggly and heart shaped and I LOVE IT!
Mum went overboard yet again but this time they are super useful. I love this styling station that can easily hook to a surface and hold all the hair accessories together. I love my new clutch bag in purple! 
Sketchers were something I asked for because my whole family swears by them. Then I got some tights, some Christmas PJs (I think parents think it's a must), some socks, a hoodie, some beautiful earring and a gift voucher for a massage! Last year she got me a baking kit and I really wanted it to become a tradition and she came through with the goods: a brownie skillet set!
Finally, she got both me and Jess a set of home movie DVDs which were converted from the videos we had scattered around the house. I've wanted these converted for years and I was truly shocked. It was a wonderful surprise and we've spent a lot of time watching them over the past few days.
My sister - on top of the biscuits and gift card - got me this hair product kit which was sweet. 
My dad's girlfriend, Karen, got me THE cutest slippers. They look so warm and cosy!
My dad then got me this cute Pandora charm. Not going to lie, my Pandora bracelet is silver so I was a little put back at the purple accents first but it's not very prominent so it works just fine. He plans to give me money too.
I kind of treated myself to these with a small change of plans from my present giving aha. 
Stuart's brother's family, mainly Vicky, gave me money and this perfect personalised candle. It smell perfect!
My cousin, Emma, gave me some beautiful yet simple and LIGHT dangly heart earrings and some Christmas socks.
And that's all I got for Christmas! Wow! I can't wait to make the brownies....