Christmas Parties!

I've actually touched on all these in my weekly recap blog posts going up on Sunday's but the video footage is finally here!

I've kind of combined 3 mini vlogs into one. Click here or watch below.

It starts with my Flatmas (Christmas with my flatmates) and it was so much fun. We took lots of photos and had so much fun. Use girls all got everyone gifts but apparently Joe was unaware. Seemingly, no one was getting anyone presents until I mentioned it and then everyone had to rush last minute but no one informed him. Aha. I feel so bad! I wasn't expecting anyone to give me them back but I just thought we would. Oops. Drama!

I ended up throwing on some red lipstick and Joe's apron but we didn't really dress up. It was a nice and relaxed evening and so much fun just chit chatting after opening presents and popping open some prosecco.
Joe and Sophie ended up heading out but didn't stay clubbing for too long before they came back. I stayed to Lecturecast, pack and throw on one last wash.

Every year, the weekend before Christmas we have a meal with my mum's side of the family at a hotel called Rogerthorpe.

This year was no different but I actually didn't get many pictures of the vent itself. Instead, I chose to remember the graveyard visit instead. On the way, we always head to my family graves and drop off some wreaths. I love that my grandma does this and I hope we can continue on the tradition.
It was so fun talking to her as we walked around and hearing about some of the stories as she grew up.
Finally, we went to my dad's for a little overnight trip. I've been begging him to visit his family all year but especially since July when my cousin and her son moved back to England from Kuwait. It was so nice to see them all and the kids are literally so sweet. We coloured for a while first before playing a number of games of hide and seek and they showed me all their Christmas crafts!
Harriet, the youngest grandchild, was so sweet and shy at first but I was shocked at how LOUD she was. She's so teeny and petite but boy can she scream and I honestly love it. I had so much fun!

I just love hanging out with family. Stay tuned for the Christmas special next week! :)