Worst Hairdressers Appointment - Weekly Recap πŸ’‡

A full day of lectures meant I didn't have much time for life but given that I still had a cold, I couldn't be bothered to do anything with my hair so I washed it the night before and left it to air dry. Just before bed I french plait it so I could have nice heatless curls for the day. Luckily, they turned out well!

Some of my anatomy lectures are no longer lecturecast (video recorded) so literally if you miss it, your life is over. Not quite of course but it might as well be! I managed to get through the first three lectures but I felt so sick, I had to go home just before lunch. By this point I'm pretty sure I have the flu.

I'm a strong believer in that rest will repair so despite having a couple of lectures I decided to take the day off. Admittedly, I did sleep the majority of it but I'm glad that I caught up on all of the lectures and still managed to fit in a bit of tv too.
The sunset was gorgeous so as I lay in bed, I enjoyed the peaceful pink sky.

Where to start. It started off so well. Even though I was still feeling rubbish, I got up and went to the mornings lectures before leaving. It wasn't that I was feeling completely unwell like I was on Tuesday but it was so embarrassing having a practically leaking nose and going through hundreds of tissues...literally. My nose was red raw!
It was the first day of Christmas so I decorated my room. As a student, cheap and simple is definitely my way to decorate but I made a couple of cute things too! Posts are coming soon I promise!
Then it was time for my highly anticipated hair dressers appointment. I was so excited and ready for a change but it just all went wrong. I got there and the hairdresser was a man. Not that I'm against male hairdressers but I definitely prefer a woman. I loved that he did a proper consultation, the washing area was super comfortable and relaxing and the drink selection and snacks provided were delicious.

I was happy with the haircut before he started treating me like an idiot, forcing me to get layers. Then he did an a line cut but I wanted a blunt one so he had to take more length off so it's super short.

Furthermore, his feathering around my face is horrible. He did such a sharp cut that it's literally two blocks and not slanted. I didn't even take a picture when he did it because I hated it. I've managed to make it semi-acceptable but I'm still not happy. It's just such a dramatic difference.
I was so upset, so despite how supportive my flatmates were, I fell asleep crying.

Friday's are a little different for a Year 2 UCL Medic. The morning is spent in hospitals and on placements while the afternoons are Student Selected Components so the year is dotted all over London. I'm doing Maternal Health which is a topic that really excited. It was a busy day as it was my flatmate's birthday so we ended up throwing her a surprise party! Details in tomorrow's post!

I was so exhausted but despite everything, I still got out of bed and headed off to volunteer with Spectrum. I love volunteering but it's definitely hard to fit into a busy schedule. We took our child to Kentish Town Farm which was a terrible experience. It was tiny, very basic and freezing. Luckily, the kids didn't seem too bothered and they had fun, plus the picnic I prepared went down a treat.
Afterwards, we were meant to have a flat outing to Winter Wonderland. It's definitely become a tradition and I love that I have the ability to go to all these fun events! Unfortunately, they weren't feeling so good so I think I'll go some time in the next couple of weeks.

After spending the last two weekends mesmerised by sports, Tennis and Formula One, it was nice to devote a whole day to work. And much needed!