21st Birthday Party Haul! Decorations, Presents and Treasure Hunt

It was my flatmate Sophie's birthday yesterday and if all went well she was in for a big surprise.

We're throwing her a little party but before everyone arrives I'm making her a little treasure hunt! Stay tuned for the vlog on Monday to see how it went and how the decor came together!

For the decorations I went for a pink theme!
Spotty wrapping papeConfetti Balloons Banner Badge  Candle

I wanted to give her something special to remember her 21st but at the same time, she's already got a big present so I decided to do a little treasure hunt! Here are the gifts. The clues will may be on a separate post but they will be on the vlog :)

Bath stuff (Cath Kidston) - already wrapped sorry :P

Head towelFriendship braceletPicture frame  and Champagne glass

Champagne (Sainsbury's) - Buying on the night :)